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Did those who opposed the bill explain why?

VBF did mention it passed the Senate, so it is not dead yet.

SB 566 passed in the Senate, but HB 1048 "is dead for this session." 566 is different in that it is JUST the 3 foot passing, but 1048 has a following too closely element to it.

VBF has the vote results.

Locally Brink, Hope, Ebbin, Englin, Herring, Keam, Kory, Scott, Bulova, Watts, Sickles and Surovell all voted yea.

Comstock voted no.

Yeah, really. Did they say why (beyond "cluttering up the code" which many legislators seem loath to do, unless it's something to do with The Gays)?

< / personal political rant >

Because Pat Robertson said that God hates bikes. Didn't you know we all made a pact with the devil to get bike lanes?

I will not speculate what their motives were but be warned that the VA senate and house have both passed bills to allow guns in restaurants. Governor cannot wait to sign it.

I cannot wait for the next installment of "Guns don't kill people".

If we let more people with guns kill each other in more places (restaurants, e.g.), there's more fodder for Virginia's insatiable electric chair... :-\

Del. Thomas Rust (Herndon area) supported this in committee, but then voted against it in the full House. So enough calls from his constituents might persuade him.

See the latest article on our website for the roll call on this vote, and links to contact your legislators tonight before the committee meets tomorrow.

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