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I nominate WashCycle to replace him!

I second that!

If I had known, I would have thanked him on Sunday for his work at WABA and wished him good luck in his new job!

You two beat me to the punch on the nomination!

Best of luck to Eric G!

Thanks, but it won't happen. As I say often, you can launch satellites at work and advocate for bikes in your spare time, but you can't do the opposite. And I do love launching the satellites. In fact, I just found out I'm going to be working on my first deep space mission, which I'm pretty excited about.

Well, that's unfortunate but understandable. Let's hope WABA will find a good new Executive Director!

Wow, good luck Eric! Lots of great improvements in the last six years since he was ED.

Wait, you can't launch bikes? I thought I saw them do that on "Mythbusters" once. LOL

Congrats to Eric on his new job.

Thanks a lot everyone. While I will certainly missing working as directly with many of you, I'm excited about the new position. I am also confident that WABA will continue to be a highly effective advocate for better bicycling in the future.

Congratulations definitely.

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