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Are you a bicycle person making a case for buses over bicycles? Now I've seen it all.

I would disagree that most people who commented on the Borderstan post don't like the lane being there. I think a number of commenters (and neighbors on 15th) people have problems with signage and such.

I take the 15th cycletrack 1-2 times a week. I do often see joggers, walkers, & wrong-way cyclists (and one cell-phone pedestrian who did apologize when i suggested he use the sidewalk). Truth is,they don't really slow me down b/c the lane is so slow anyway -- what with the poorly (for southbound bikes) timed lights & the slowing down for cross streets (the little ones w/out lights) b/c I'm not confident that a car won't turn into them.

It's nice to have a protected lane, but this one isn't very functional for getting anywhere.

Given the choice, I would have preferred a protected cycletrack on 14th street (instead of bike lanes that drivers & doubleparkers ignore), and having 15th turned into a two-way street (with sharrows both ways?).

I like GGW's proposal & am happy to see the broader, integrated perspective. In the long run it is better for EVERYONE to improve bus & bike flow.

Peter, I'm a bike person arguing for complete streets. That means that sometimes bikes don't come first.
Matty, I count 13 out of 19 negative comments.

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