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Did you see that you were mentioned in a story on NPR.org?


Someone also posted the Michigan route there. Is that where you got it from?


BTW, this is a funny route. Reminds me of the instructions to "swim 4,000 miles" when getting directions to go from the east coast to Europe. That has apparently been taken down by now...

Its about 70mi shorter if you just walk it (though it takes an extra 5 days)

It also suggests that you take just under 2 days to do 603 miles. Perhaps a little optimistic.

Well, how else would you get there? Does I-75 have bike lanes?

Funny, but you can't actually bike across that bridge, so I guess it's technically correct.

The wikipedia page does say though that you can pay the attendants a fee to shuttle you and your bike over the bridge - that might make it as valid as the ferry google maps tells you to take.


Here we go, $2 for your bicycle. Dunno if that includes you though!

Seems like a perfect opportunity for the Shuttle-Bike:


kit that converts your bike into a paddle boat and folds down to fit in a backpack.

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