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Are there plans to extend the 15th street cycletrack a couple blocks north. I just started riding to work again, and I take 11th down to V, then hang a right and take V to 15th, and then I have to go on the sidewalk for a block to get to the cycletrack. It would be nice if it went up to W just to connect all those bike lanes!

DDOT was actually about to build the contraflow lane up to at least V st, but Councilmember Graham and/or residents of the block made them stop at the last minute. I heard two different versions - one that DDOT crews 'misread' the plans and extended it too far north, and the other that DDOT didn't get Graham's 'permission' to extend the lanes into Ward 1. Not sure what the story was, but the lanes between U and V were preliminarily marked off, parking restrictions in place, and it seemed like they were going to continue.

You mean "left" side of the street for I & L.

The crew misread the plans is what I heard and I think it's correct. But yeah, they plan to extend in North. I don't know if it is part of this or not, but that is the plan.

Yes. The left...Thanks.

I inquired about the schedule...end of the summer might be too ambitious, but before the end of the year is well within the realm of reality.

BTW, completely off-topic, I know Catherine (from Old Town) reads this blog...please E-mail me at your earliest convenience. It regards a comment you made on GGW about the King St Metro station.

This is great!!!

Here's a pic of 9th & Penn. The cycle lane (SB) and cycletrack (NB) do not go south of Penn right now.


Other pics on GGW: http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post.cgi?id=5238

interesting to read the statistics on increased safety of bike tracks as opposed to bike lanes in NYC. Im sure it is even more of a difference when comparing it to having no bike lanes or tracks- that is - in places where cyclists are forced to "share the road" with auto traffic.... Of course- all of this flies in the face of the crap I have read/ heard from the road biking /racer / athletic cycler set on this very blog for the past 5 years.

In every country on earth protected bike ways make it safer to bicycle. There is absolutely no disputing this- and yet the athletic road warrior racer set seems to persist in the opinion that this is not true.

Go figure.....

Any news for how the E-W connections on I and L will work to the east of Mt. Vernon Sq? That is a messy little area that can make crossing from the Mass Ave developments and NoMa headed to downtown a little tricky.

Ah, w is back and bashing "athletic road warriors" again. Good stuff. (Not.)

wash-, nice report. I'll look forward to seeing some of these new lanes, cycle tracks soon.

I'm looking forward to using them!

anyone know what material they're using for the green paint?

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