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Sent one. Nothing nasty, just a quick Hey! - we're not all lunatics intending to get in your way on the roads. We're real, regular people just trying to get to work without becoming just another fat American.

Or, if we're already fat, maybe we'd like to lose weight or just enjoy the outdoors ;).

Lance Armstrong is on it now. Apparently ESPN pulled the March 11 show from the ESPN site.

Tell all your friends to abstain from ESPN Zone.

washcycle: You're famous now! :-)

YouTube of the show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7wnBoWOfAU

Unfortunately missed the drama on a training ride morning years ago, but they had someone actually pull the kinda move espoused by this moron. Turns out a deputy sheriff was on the ride and arrested her on the spot. Assault with a deadly weapon and all.

Pete - you got a link on that one?

There is a new dedicated twitter feed http://twitter.com/search?q=%23Kornheiser

and facebook page



Armstrong will be on Kornheiser's show tomorrow.
Kornheiser is "very sorry"

Ack, SJE beat me to it.

LA's tweet on the kornheiser issue:


They should get some other well-known names who are also cyclists to go on the show or on TV. That would help clarify to the non-cycling population that TK's stereotypes are based on a tiny percentage of all cyclists.

LeBron James is a cycling enthusiast in the basketball off-season. Senators Scott Brown and John Kerry have openly talked about training for a triathlon together. That means plenty of time out there on the roads. Hopefully no one of either party follows up on TK's rant and "taps" any of these people, or any other cyclists.


The tab is for "Not a fatal spill, just a limb-losing spill."

I don't know what you are worried about. These guys can control their "big powerful cars" and deliver this measured tab so you only lose function of a leg and arm or two. No bad feelings. *sarcasm off*

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