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How in the F*****G HELL could this be ONE person's decision!!!!

Does ANYONE see how toxic this is? WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF DEMOCRACY? Contrast with Bureaucracy...Plutocracy.

Bike advocates NEED TO UNDERSTAND SOCIAL THEORY and PRACTICE to get the best outcomes for their efforts!!

Goddamn this is frustrating...

Zinn is dead. Apparently the "Big Man Theory of History" didnt die with him or his considerable critique thereof...

"It was his decision to close Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park to vehicles on weekends and holidays."

Actually, Beach Drive is closed to motor vehicles, not vehicles.

Relax, f. I seriously doubt one man could single-handedly shepard that policy through. It might have been his idea and he might have been the prime mover behind the policy change but I don't think he actually had the authority to close off the road by himself. As the Post article points out, he had Congressmen breathing down his neck all the time. He had to have received the OK from many different sources.

Just chalk this up to the Post writer using a poor choice of words.

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