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My Big East picks have been killing me! I never thought I would be rooting for Syracuse, but they are my only remaining hope for salvaging some shred of dignity in this pool.

Looks like I'm dead smack in the middle of the pack. Being tied for most possible points remaining gives me reason for hope, though! :) Good luck, all.

Oh, and I don't really care otherwise, but Go Syracuse! It's always nice to pick the winner...

I'll enjoy my lead while it lasts... it may be gone after tonight.

I picked West Virgina. One broken foot later... I'll have better luck/skill next year. At least I didn't go with my second choice - Nova.

With Syracuse out, my bracket is now officially dead and an epic fail...

@ Froggie

That makes two of us. Damn you, Orangemen! Damn you...

On a completely unrelated note, am I the only who keeps gettng error messages when I try to post a comment when logging on through Typepad? I get rerouted to a black and white comment submission page and have to enter my name and e-mail again, as well as clear the URL field... Happens at home w/ Firefox and at work w/ Explorer...

Just curious.

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