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Mr. Layman neglects to mention the broad, forward-thinking support of the citizens of Portland, without which I doubt they would have come nearly as far as they have. He notes "7. Support, interest, and willingness not to mention advocacy for walking and bicycling improvements on the part of citizens." as the last item on the list in his blog post, whereas it should probably 2nd or 3rd.

Working with the public to reconcile differing perspectives and priorities can not be emphasized enough. I am not questioning Mr. Layman's planning talents, but having worked with planners and architects I have witnessed "Vision" become "Tunnel Vision" all too often with a resulting build-it-and-they-will-come approach that often meets a broad public resistance and makes it much more difficult to accomplish anything other than a pretty, rendered master plan in a wire bound booklet.

Same could be said for a blog that does not understand the value of broad public support and instead chooses to incite the militant cycling minority by skewering automobile drivers and lambasting elected officials and radio entertainers who don't agree with their POV at every opportunity.

yes we should also credit the portland citizens for their undying support.. :)

OK O2, I just don't have what it takes. I don't know how to make a blog about DC-area cycling that appeals to broader public who isn't interested in, or is hostile to, cycling. I eagerly await O2's Blog on Building Broad Public Support for Bicycling. Until then, I suggest you quit misrepresenting my writing. I did not "lambast" Kornheiser. I merely printed out his own word. I don't skewer automobile drivers as a class.

You want some skewering.
You're a liar. If you have to lie to make your point, O2, then it must not be a very strong point. And you're a coward. You pop in with a fake email address and name, make negative comments about the blog and then never respond to legitimate questions. You aren't interested in having a conversation. Man up, or get lost.

O2, "militant cycling minority"? Not wanting to get hit by car drivers makes a cyclist militant? Wow. The reason so many people are upset about the Kornheiser show is because there are so many drivers RIGHT NOW with that attitude who actually do act on those inclinations. (It's happened to me twice already.) That's why it's so dangerous to provoke and "joke" about that situation. It's not a theoretical situation. The attitude that it's just a joke to force a cyclist off the road while driving a 2-ton SUV will definitely result in someone crossing the line. It won't change a safe driver into a menace but it will ease someone who is already an unsafe driver and who has a cavalier attitude about the safety of others, over the line and into criminal behavior.

So I guess every pedestrian or safe car driver who complains about an unsafe car driver or who complains about someone expressing a desire to run anyone off the road would be militant. But I hardly think that would be a minority. I'm guessing that maybe, oh, 95% of the population would fall into that category. The rest are the people causing the problem or who are drinking too much or texting too much while driving and think that everyone else should mind their own business. If someone's actions or provocations have a significant potential to affect my personal safety and the safety of thousands of others, then yes, it is my business and the business of everyone here.

O2, by the way, WashCycle does seem to have a broad readership. Your very presence here as an anti-cyclist individual proves that this blog does draw readership from a variety of perspectives.

While I might even agree that a few of the people who comment on this blog are a little too strident and close-minded, I hardly think that categorization applies to washcycle himself.

What other entertainers has this blog "lambasted at every opportunity"? I've seen some posts that correct misstatements about cycling uttered by various public officials or public personalities but no hostility was directed at them. The difference with Kornheiser's statement is that he was explicitly advocating violence. That definitely deserves a strong response. If TK had just ridiculed cyclists for "shiny pants" for an hour, well, no big deal. I could care less. But when he starts talking about running cyclists down and agitating for others to do the same, that's an entirely different matter. TK's assistant was bringing up news stories that seemed to portray EVERY cyclist as not only a rude user of the roads, but as a gun-toting bank robber. That is patently ridiculous. And then the show had people emailing in with comments about buying a Toyota so one would have a legal defense of an accelerator malfunction if one used that car to run down a cyclist. That is not inciting violence? It sounds like the beginnings of a feeding frenzy to me.

As far as I've seen, no one here has advocated any violence against anyone. And if they did, I wouldn't agree with that. Neither would the vast majority of people here. Most cyclists merely want to be able to ride on the roads (as they are allowed to do under D.C. law) without having drivers think they have the right to run them down or force them off the road with the threat and use of physical force.

With apologies to any bike messengers here, I do have to say that I've had a few negative experiences with some of the bike messengers in town, mostly with some individuals riding at over 20 mph on crowded downtown sidewalks during the lunch hour on regular work days. I almost got knocked down a couple times while walking on the sidewalks. (It's illegal to ride on the sidewalks in the central business district, let alone speeding down those sidewalks.) But that wouldn't affect TK in his car at all. He never mentioned anything about this problem.

I have also seen the occasional cyclist cross through a busy intersection against the light and flip off an angry driver. But that has been an extremely low percentage of all the cyclists I see in town, less than 2 percent. To tar and feather all cyclists for the actions of a few is not fair to the thousands of law-abiding individuals. There is a much higher percentage of drivers who break laws (stopping in "the box," running red lights, speeding, shifting 3 lanes at a time on the Beltway, etc., etc., etc.) and yet no one here is calling for them to be run off the roads.

O2: I would be interested to hear your thoughts more fully developed and supported by facts and citations, rather than pot shots at Washcycle.

As for Portland, I would not say that Portland got where it is entirely where it is because of wide public support. Rather, the attitudues and devotion of activists and the willingness of public leaders to try something different. The vast majority of Stump towners do not bike, and there is a strong residual anti-bike, anti-hippie attitude throughout Oregon.

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