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Thank you for sharing the article!

Didn't get on that stretch of the MVT, but I'd mentioned on GGW that, south of the 14th St Bridge, debris on the trail had been cleared off by Wednesday (2 days after the flooding).

The NPS and other authorities have done a good job clearing the MVT. I saw huge piles of garbage everywhere yesterday but all of it had been pushed off to the side and away from the pavement of the trail. I saw a few large trees that had been sliced up by chainsaws and moved off the trail in Arlington and Alexandria.

Interesting about the blind triathlete. I can't volunteer to race with him since I'm not ready for a full Ironman yet. During the Nation's Triathlon last September, I passed by a blind athlete who was running in tandem with a helper. I didn't know what was going on at first but when I looked over, I could immediately tell that one guy was blind. I shouted out, "Good job!" as I passed them. In the online photo gallery at the official website, I found a picture of them riding a tandem bike during the race. I think it's pretty cool that people with "disabilities" (not sure if that's a politically correct term these days but I can't think of a better one) are encouraged to participate in endurance races. Many of the local 5K running races have wheelchair divisions. Those people always get a warm reception from the other runners. It does truly make me pleased to see that many different people get a chance to participate in these events. On the other hand, it makes me a bit sad to think of so many people with functioning eyesight and two working legs who just sit around all day eating junk food and don't do a damn thing about their health.

When I did the Marine Corps Marathon years ago, people started cheering like crazy as I passed the finish line. I thought "people really like me." Turns out I was crossing at the same time as the last wheelchair participant.

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