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Are there plans to pave the existing trail from Albion Road in College Park to the Riverdale MARC station? Do you know when this will happen? It would be great to have a full path from College Park to the Arts District ready for when Busboys & Poets and the other establishments open early next year.

Last I heard, the answer was "yes", but as to timing, I think it depends on development of the property south of Albion Rd. That section of proposed trail passes through the Cafritz Property, which has gone through several rounds of development proposals. If the family is able to proceed with their planned construction, they will build the trail at the same time - at least that's my understanding. Given the current housing/financial market, and the ambitious nature of the plan, I won't be surprised if it takes a couple of years. Disappointed, but not surprised. For now, at least it's a good running/walking route.

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