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Enforcing the existing laws would be even cheaper, especially if you consider the revenue from traffic tickets.

Funding sources... Federal Aid in the form of Transportation Enhancements, Congestion Management and Air Quality Control, and others are all available to pay up to 100% of the cost Except the state says only off-road recreational trails qualify for transportational use of bicycles and county roads do not, in direct defiance of Federal Policies.

State law says we should use best practices in meting the needs of cyclists, the FHWA site shows examples of best practices in funding bicycle facilities, and Maryland is not even close.

This is an issue in Baltimore County. Rural area residents believe that widening the road, even for a shoulder, increases traffic and speed, because people tend to drive faster on wider roads.

The AASHTO manual says that shoulders, even in rural areas, contribute to safety.

That is the tack I'd likely to push in Baltimore County, but I am not looking forward to the battles (if I am retained to work on the third phase bike and ped planning study there, which will cover the rural part of the county).

note that I don't know about how CMAQ monies are spent, but TEA monies in MD require 20% local match. Of course, MoCo has that money. But note that the annual amount of TEA money is $10MM for the entire state.

The AASHTO manual says that shoulders, even in rural areas, contribute to safety.

For the most part when traffic engineers talk about "safety" what they mean is increased traffic and speed.

Ahh, I should have been more specific. I meant the AASHTO manual on bicycle facilities. In that manual, the focus is on safety for bicyclists, not motorists.

In all rural land use contexts, the recommendations are for shoulders rather than for bicycle lanes.

See the charts on pages 35-37 in the Smart Transportation Guidebook: http://www.smart-transportation.com/assets/download/Smart%20Transportation%20Guidebook.pdf

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