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If Scott Bricker joins WABA, he could take the C&O canal most of the way here. I think that we could all join in and help him move.

Additional ideas

11. David C (Mr. Washcycle): unfortunately, busy with space stuff and new kids

12. Dave Alpert

Gwadzilla! He'd put some teeth into bicycle advocacy in DC.

...or beard

While I do think that WABA should convert to a more "Transportation Alternatives" kind of model and focus on sustainable transportation, which means walking + transit to the organization, I am not big on 2 of the 3 "DC" specific people you mention.

Similarly, while I am impressed with Bruce Wright, likely the center city should still hold sway.

I am not active in WABA (I am a member) so I am not sure how it's organized, maybe there can be "subdivisions" for NOVA and MoCo-PG as well as DC.

But the issues of walking and biking in suburban jurisdictions is somewhat different from the center city. And there need to be more resources provided to all, in order that overall, sustainable transportation objectives can be better achieved in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Sorry to regurg a comment I made on a prior post, but these candidates reflect very diverse backgrounds, and thus infer some big choices to be made about WABA's direction. That's what should happen -- when a longtime leader leaves, there's a HUGE opportunity to ask frank questions about what's working, and where we should go. And these choices should come BEFORE they hire somebody.

If the BTA situation taught anybody anything, it's that the board needs to think these things through, and get membership involved in a defined way. That fine organization that Eric helped build up is capable of holding down the fort for a few months, why not take a bit of time to open the floor to the important questions?

Great post. Noah would be a huge score for DC.

Hey, League Darren: I know where you work, and I work on your bike, so watch yourself.

darren, I'm not sure what the process will be, but it's a good idea to ask the kind of questions you've mentioned. I know the board reviews these annually.

Richard, in talking to Eric he kind of made me think that he saw things that way. MoBike could handle Montgomery County. FABB for Fairfax. Arlington BAC for Arlington. Oxon Hill bike club for Southern PG and WABA focused on DC and anything big eleswhere. Unfortunately, that left some areas out, but there are only so many hours in a day. There is a lot more grass roots to WABA than I think people realize.

Why limit to those who have been working on bike or transporation programs recently? Obviously the person must have the passion, but might have been an excellent leader in another area of advocacy or management and could apply those skills to WABA.

I vote for Eric Gilliand. Find more money to keep him here.

OK, I knew this list was flawed when I saw my name on it.

But seriously, WABA is incredibly indispensable and Eric doubly so! I hope they'll be able to find someone as good. That would be a good thing, since smaller local groups would have trouble going it alone. Those of us in the grass roots trenches like MoBike depend on WABA to back us up... pitching in, sending alerts, tag-teaming, bringing reputation to the table, having a staff, getting grants, mentoring, and on and on. I'm extremely grateful for all the support Eric has offered to me over the years.

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