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I have to listen to this guy daily, unfortunately. I'm sure he'll say he was kidding, but here's what's interesting:

If he joked about "Man those road crews out there slow you down! It takes everything I have to not just run them over!" ....he'd probably be suspended.

Since he only aimed at bicyclists, he is relatively safe from this since no one really gives a crap about cyclists and many people don't seem to view them as people .... but rather just something "in the way".

If anyone wants to give them some input here's their contact form:


or you can call them at: 301-230-3500

He's said this about once a month as long as he's had a radio show. If he weren't joking, I'm sure he would have done it a few times by now. As stupid and annoying as that particular screed is, there's a world of difference between saying it and doing it.

I listen to (and enjoy) his show via podcast. He's joking. He's not actually advocating violence, any more than when he talks about people with soccer bumper stickers and advocates hitting them with snow shovels. It's part of his "grumpy old man" schtick, though not my favorite part.

I don't think calling up and complaining is the best way to make the pro-cycling complaint.

And by complaint, I mean case.

I know he's joking. And it's not as bad as Chris Core saying that bikes don't belong in the road, because HE wasn't joking. But TurbineBlade has a good point. I have mixed feelings, but mostly I wish people wouldn't joke about murdering me. I'm funny that way.

He does end his show with "If you're out on your bike tonight,please wear white."

So he does show some concern for bicyclists.

I don't know, I just listened to part of the show around the 38 min mark, and it sounds like investigatory shock-jock bike hating. Yeah, he's probably 'joking' but he's voicing frustration that although he may have the willpower to hold back on his actions, listeners of his might not be so reserved, since he's condoning violence towards cyclists.


Kornheiser is really stirring it up this year. He already got suspended from ESPN recently for mocking Hannah Storm's "schoolgirl" outfit. Normally those comments wouldn't have caused him any problems but since Storm is also an ESPN/ABC employee, Kornheiser got suspended from his daily TV show "Pardon the Interruption."

He's in a weakened state in terms of his personal/political capital. He can be funny at times (particularly when he mocks his baldness and the fact that his daughter spent much of her childhood figuring out ways to not be seen with her embarrassing dad) but he can be annoying at other times.

Maybe the controversy over this statement can help turn him into a friend of cycling. Or at least his producers and employers will make him advocate cycling and bike infrastructure whether he likes it or not.

I just read the updated post with the transcript here. He took it a little further than I thought he did, after seeing the initial post here. I guess at the very least, someone should point out that he does NOT own the road because he has a car. Everyone here already knows that bikes have equal right to the road (except for a few high-speed interstates, etc.) but TK doesn't. It looks like someone needs to be shown what the laws actually say. Maybe WABA can fax him the relevant pages of the D.C. statutes.

I wonder how tolerant people would be if he were advocating running over people because of their color or religion.

Yeah, I emailed him and asked if he would advocate running down all black people because one person robbed a bank. Or going after all Jewish people because of the actions of Bernie Madoff.

I'm aware that TK is himself Jewish. He made a big fuss and show of self-pity and victimization some years back when the Redskins were up for sale. The NFL rejected the bid of Howard Milstein. Tony started playing the victim on his TV shows, claiming that the NFL was anti-Semitic (even though several of the owners were Jewish). I never heard him say anything after the NFL subsequently approved the bid of Daniel Snyder to buy the team. (I guess Redskins fans probably wish the NFL had rejected Snyder's bid on grounds of football incompetence, but that's another matter.)

I only bring this up because of his outrageous comments today. I'm not too surprised on the one hand because TK often speaks before thinking. That's what he gets paid to do. But something like advocating assault, battery and vehicular homicide are not just a bone-headed statement. It's completely irresponsible from someone with his influence and audience share.

Interesting that everybody glossed over his comments about cyclists daring drivers to hit them and giving them the finger. Is he just making this up?

His point was that cyclists can be irritating at times, which has only been illustrated by some of the whiny comments in this post from cyclists who were irritated by TK's comments.

If you all had a radio show, you would be saying the same kind of stuff about people who drive cars.

I think EVERYONE could stand to be a little more tolerant.

02: I'm not sure why I am responding, but if you look at the transcript he is advocating assault. Even of someone flips the bird, that is rude, but you don't get to hit them. Just tapping someone on a bike with an SUV could be deadly.

O2, I can verify that there are some rude, jacka$$ cyclists out there on the roads... just like there are jerks in every walk of life and every activity, including among car drivers, pedestrians and radio talk show hosts.

The mistake is in stereotyping an entire group because of some bad apples. Are we supposed to declare open season on all drivers simply because some of them apply makeup while driving, or practice the trumpet or look down at their cellphones the entire time because they are texting? No. Just the same way that no one should be declaring war on all cyclists simply because there are a few jerk cyclists. It's an insane way of looking at things.

And these are not "whiny comments." I've had drivers try to force me off the road even when I was in the right lane and the entire left lane was completely free of traffic in a non-rush-hour period. "Whiny"? I think not. Naked aggression is more like it. SJE is right. If TK got flipped off once, well, that's uncivilized behavior but hardly deadly. Having a 2-ton SUV intentionally riding up your tail and trying to force you off the rode is completely different.

And no, I was not involved in aggressive behavior in the situations with the cars. They just rolled up on me without warning. I had never seen them before and I had not been involved in any close calls that day or any other recent or distant occasion that might have upset the driver.

I don't think the comments on Kornheiser's show should be so readily dismissed. Words do matter and there are some people who are easily influenced.

Kornheiser has been given a platform that reaches thousands of people. To use that platform to urge deadly assault upon a particular class of people is not humor. It is baiting. Replace the term bicyclists with nearly any other group, say blacks or gays, and would he have even finished the day employed?

Kornheiser was just recently suspended for criticizing a colleagues appearance on the air. I intend to ask station management how much of a suspension does he get for urging his listeners to attempt vehicular manslaughter.


I had a busy day, between work and the Bike Summit and other tasks -- I plotted my routes around town today using the new Google Bike directions. I eventually coasted down Pennsylvania Ave, where we might someday have our own space on the street, to got to the Congressional reception. My boss's boss's boss's boss Ray LaHood offered rousing comments on the maturing status of bicycling in the transportation mix.

I was feeling good about things, and the scourge of sports talk radio just had to offer its two cents.


I just posted these comments to 980's comment box on their website:

This morning on Tony Kornheiser's show while commenting on the proposed addition of bike lanes to Pennsylvania Avenue the banter veered wildly off base into the realm of hate speech.

In the moments that followed the host spoke of his frustration with cyclists, denigrated them, and he went on to say how he would like to "tap" them with his vehicle.

Of course this is tantamount to deadly assault. This is not humor. And to suggest that such a thing is "funny" to a drive-time audience is completely and recklessly irresponsible.

Kornheiser was just recently suspended for merely making fun of a colleagues dress. How much of a suspension does he get for urging his audience to assault cyclists with their vehicles?

Who listens to daytime radio? People in cars, mostly.

The only time I ever listen to sports radio is actually when I'm flipping through TV channels and MASN is showing the tape-delayed TV broadcast of one of the D.C. or Baltimore sports radio shows.

As for TK's assumption that "regular" people don't cycle, what about former Redskins coach Jim Zorn? He spoke many times in interviews about his love for mountain biking and how he and his buddy in Seattle used to experiment with building their own mountain bikes back in the days before there really was such a thing as a commercial mountain bike.

And there's former Washington Wizard Caron Butler. (Yeah, I know, a lot of "former" D.C. sports people on this list.) He is known as a big bike fan. He served as honorary co-chair of last fall's Bike for the Heart charity event. He gave away bikes to many needy children during his time with the Wizards.

LeBron James (no introduction necessary) is also a bike fanatic. He rides his bike a lot in the offseason. (Hopefully he doesn't ride anywhere near where Kornheiser is driving.) He is even a part owner of the well-known Cannondale bike manufacturing company.

Are all these guys weirdos wearing shiny pants and goofy hats too?

@O2, no he isn't making it up, he's wildly misinterpreting the actions of others. Only a cyclist with a death wish would dare a driver to hit them. What the cyclist is probably doing is taking the lane and riding in a way that best protects them and what TK is interpreting it as is "daring him to hit them."

As for the finger and banging on the car with your fist. How often do you actually see that? I knew a girl - very cute - who said she never got a second date and she blamed it on men. I said to her, as cute as you are if you don't get a second date, it might be you. And I'd say the same think to TK. If he's constantly getting the finger and having cyclists bang on his car, it probably that he's a crappy driver.

I just commented on ESPN and related some of the threatening and scary behavior I have experienced from drivers over the years. I also invited Mr. Kornheiser to spend a day riding a bike in a typical downtown bike commute. Maybe WMATA would like to join me in issuing this challenge? I got the sense from his comments that he simply doesn't understand what it's like.

I just commented at ESPN related some of the dangerous and sometimes deliberately threatening behavior I have experienced from drivers. I also invited Mr. Kornheiser to spend a day riding a bike through downtown DC, on streets with and without bike lanes (Chinatown's routinely ignored bike lane would be a must to include). Maybe WABA would like to join me in issuing this invitation? It could make a good promo stunt, and it sounds from his comments like Mr. Kornheiser simply doesn't understand how vulnerable riders are.

Kornheiser's ignorance about cycling is only surpassed by his ignorance about football.

I used to know Tony and he is indeed a truly awful person in real life.

Does he ride a bike? Maybe a group could invite him to ride with them, perhaps on Pa. Ave.
How about on Bike to Work day?

Wow, the cyclist community is pretty bitch. Comparing yourself to a color, creed, or religion? It's a mode of transport, not a venue for civil rights. Hate speech? You are ridiculous. You're the reason no one cares, because, as a group, you suck. And to think, I was previously on your side.

Please either learn to take a joke or don't listen to comedy shows.

He may be have been joking, but he has enough listeners who don't get the joke and will take him seriously. Alot of them were probably driving at the time. How many of them were then less careful around a cyclist. TK has a responsibility to understand the consequences of what he tells his audience, both the bright fans of satire and the dimwits.

In short: not funny.

Actually, the fight for equal right to the road and equal protection for cyclists is very much a civil rights fight.
Civil and political rights are a class of rights and freedoms that protect individuals from unwarranted action by government and private organizations and individuals and ensure one's ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression.
It doesn't matter if the individual is discriminated against because of something "inherent" like race or nationality, or something chosen like religion or mode of transport.

As for joking...usually, a joke is funny. And this quite literally, wasn't funny. I used to write comedy. I know how a joke works, and this was not comedy. He may have been trying to make a joke, but you'll have to show me the punch line.

Furthermore, even if it were "funny" that isn't enough. I could point out a lot of jokes that are "funny" that are inappropriate. But again, this was not a joke - a joke is funny.

TK can say whatever he wants: I'm not one for "hate speech" legislation. He may have been trying to be funny. However, he also bears responsibility for his words.

Area cyclists are routinely harrassed and assaulted by motorists, and there are regular injuries and occassional deaths. Encouraging motorists to do things that injure and kill people is more likely to cause such behavior.

What is particularly beyond the pale is that TK was pissed because someone is proposing a bike lane. Perhaps some hyperbole would be justified if a cyclist ran a light and almost caused an accident. No, TK doesnt like the fact that cyclists exist, and wear silly clothes.

I have known some pretty nasty racist people in my life including the son of a Nazi who widely shared his father's views. They talk like TK, and they do act on their opinions. I have broken teeth to prove it.

I wrote the following:

Please, please, please don't make me have to stop listening to your show and watching PTI. I'm a huge fan. But if I ever hear anything that sounds even remotely hostile to bicycling again, I am done. And I will encourage all of my friends to quit watching and listening as well. (Call it the Coors Light treatment.) I will be happy to write letters to the shows' advertisers to make the same point.

Sign me up for anti-cyclistism. You people, yes I said it, you people, are awful. Try being ambassadors for your hobby rather than humorless knobs. I am officially a bikeist now, full of hate and vigor.

What if a trucker were talking about giving other drivers on the highway a "scare"? Say they get stuck behind that annoying car that's going the speed limit, even downhill! Truckers could be on the radio talking about how they could "teach that car driver a lesson" or whatever. NOT FUNNY, especially if they're broadcasting.

We heard you the first time Sunny Florida. Or do we need your permission to post here?

I'm not full of hate. More like genuine concern. I know for a fact that there are already many people out there who already think it's OK to use their cars in an aggressive manner to intimdate and force aside cyclists. If they hear that such attitudes are OK on popular radio shows, that would be more than enough to push more than a few people over to following through on their inclinations, or trying to get away with one more incident.

Two such incidents are plenty for me. I have no desire to experience any more situations WHEN I DID NOTHING TO PROVOKE OR INTERFERE WITH ANY DRIVER ON THE ROAD.

Hey there, Sunny Florida Ave, a lot of folks on this thread, like that other Darren a coupla posts up, put a lot of effort into living up to your expectations for us. This one time, I helped out with a clinic to teach gradeschool kids to ride a bike (this is the ironic part) a block from "sunny" Florida Avenue.

So, we're good, right? Hate and vigor subsiding?

Sunny, have you ridden in DC much? Tried to get around DC, commuted? Downtown? I am not saying your POV is irrelevant, but it might be different if you were a regular commuter. It's like Reagan's quip about how a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.

So does this guy seriously believe Maj. L'Enfant had CARS in mind when he planned the roads in D.C.? How can you possibly say the roads were "made for cars", when cars didn't even exist until the early 20th Century? I'm pretty sure BIKES were around long before that, a-hole.

Loosen your helmet straps people!
This post and it's subsequent comments demonstrate why people hate cyclists. GET a sense of humor people! Don't take things so seriously.
Anyone who believes that Mr. Tony was actually advocating vehicular assaults on cyclists should be run over with a truck!
(Another example of a joke, did you get it this time? Is there a way to make hyperbole automatically default to BOLR type font in the event cyclists are unable to recognize it?)

Classy to delete comments that express another viewpoint.

Didn't delete them, you just missed the >> at the bottom to take you to your comments. I really should see if I can change that - it wasn't always so.

Though it is a joke, there is a limit to what one can joke about on the publicly owned airwaves before you cross the line from humorously offensive to socially-unacceptable. Just ask Don Imus, the Greaseman, DJ Star, Tom Binns, Don Pryor, Dave Lenihan etc... I mean, Mr. Tony got suspended for making fun of a colleagues clothes. The bar seems to be low at ESPN. Whether or not this crosses the line is a reasonable question to ask.

BTW, the reason people hate us is not for our lack of humor, but for the same reason they hated Kelly LeBrock.

Fixed! sort of. I set it to show 100 comments instead of the default of 20.

Umm, why do people hate Kelly LeBrock? Sorry, its my cyclist lack of humor at work.

PS: I had to go to Wikipedia to remind me she is!

Bob Rolle posted a GREAT response on VersusTV's website:

How about if they ask people to run kids down on their way to school or crossing in front of a stopped bus? This should not be taken lightly people.
Ride safe, ride courteously. "Share the Road" IS a two-way activity.

Dennis Glasgow
VP of Operations
ESPN 980/Red Zebra Broadcasting
1801 Rockville Pike Suite 405
Rockville, MD 20852
301-230-3580 direct
703-939-0204 mobile
240-430-2675 fax

Dennis claims it was all about tone.. says tone matters and he was joking so no problem...

also said he only received 100 or so emails and that it wasn't a big deal..

email him here or give him a call/text and let him know what you think.

[email protected]

Dennis Glasgow
VP of Operations
ESPN 980/Red Zebra Broadcasting
1801 Rockville Pike Suite 405
Rockville, MD 20852
301-230-3580 direct
703-939-0204 mobile
240-430-2675 fax

I hope TK knows that some of us bikers are legal CCW permit holders, and DO carry at all times. I'm not looking for a fight; I'm happy to share the road with cars, trucks, whatever. but if someone's gonna come after me, I'm not gonna sit back and get hit because I'm smaller than a car.

A number of cyclist were killed or injured in the run-up to the enormous Argus cycle tour in Cape Town, South Africa.
This idiot's comments are out of date, uninformed, insensitive and disgusting.
He should not be on air. His ozone-chomping SUV is presumably more intelligent than he is.

You guys are assholes. He was joking. If anything happens to TK, I'm going to hit one of you on my way home :)

You guys are assholes. He was joking. If anything happens to TK, I'm going to hit one of you on my way home :)

Awesome! Better hope I don't get up, cause I'll crush your skull with a u-lock.

Funny, no? Joke, folks!

Please, let's not result to threats. Thank you.

As an avid cyclist since 1973, I have witnessed firsthand the evildoings of drivers, who for no other reason than the fact that I'm a cyclist on "their roads," have been hit with dirty diapers, beer bottles, profanity and even had a gun aimed at my temple and the trigger pulled. Luckily it either misfired or wasn't loaded. I still remember the laughter from within that car. All happened on the San Francisco Peninsula and not in the back woods of Kentucky (sorry Kentuckians).

Many friends in the cycling community have died from idiotic and negligent motorists. However, Tony's comments are aimed directly at us, from behind and from within two ton vehicles. Cowardly isn't even the right word.

Here's what I submitted via their website and to the email you provided:

Why is Mr. Kornheiser still on the air after encouraging his listeners to run down cyclists? He wrongly stated that roads aren't made for cyclists (unfortunately, the government disagrees, and, in fact, cyclists have the right to ride FULLY in the lane, not only in shoulders, and are NOT ALLOWED to ride on the curbs), and, again, encourages violence against cyclists! What's next, run down the pedestrians pushing the baby strollers because they take too long crossing the street? Shoot down the elderly while they cross at a crosswalk because they move too slowly with their walkers?

I exaggerate, but I, personally, am an incredibly car-conscience cyclist. I ride 12-15 miles to and from work every day. And I've been hit 3 times in the past year - once by a driver who ran a stop sign, once by a driver who decided that I "didn't belong on the road" and didn't care to signal, and dragged me almost 10 yards around a corner, totalling my bike, and once by a driver who decided he didn't like me on his street, stopped short and backed into me - on purpose. All the while, I signaled properly, had plenty of reflective and lighting gear, allowed drivers who signaled or indicated they needed/wanted to pass or turn in front of me to do so, etc. I'm hardly the picture of the renegade bike messenger.

Bob Roll (@bobkeroll) states the situation beautifully here: http://www.versus.com/cycling/videos/bobs-beef-with-espns-tony-kornheiser/in-...

But I am going to take it one step further.

Suspension, at the very least, is reasonable. Termination is requested.

And, no, an apology is not appreciated or acceptable. It's beasts like Mr. Kornheiser that gives people like the 2 men that purposely hit me with their vehicles, and nearly killed me, a mom of 2 and sole breadwinner for my children, justification for assault simply because they don't like the fact that I commute on 2 wheels and not 4.

- Rica Mendes

FYI - you can hear the show on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7wnBoWOfAU

When I heard that Bobke was mispronouncing TK's name I had the thought that he was probably calling him Tony Kornholer....

Bravo Bob for keeping more of a level head that myself.

In all seriousness I have written a very level headed letter to ESPN explaining why I don't ever find it to be funny when someone encourages people to threaten my life. Ever. Period. No exceptions.

I don't see why I should be expected have a sense of humor about this any more than I should have "calmed down" yesterday when the ignoramus driving towards me pulled into my lane and started driving on the wrong side of the road. He deserved a dope slap on top of the dirty look. I face these idiots every day. I will not calm down and I will not have a sense of humor about my life and well being.

I say Lets Get something good out of this
Contact ESPN980 and tell them to offer free advertising to Yield to Life to make up for Kornheiser's dangerous stupidity:


Contact Form

I requested an apology and that Mr. Kornheiser be required to have a safe cycling advocate on his show as a guest.

I think that would be fitting punishment.

My comment

The TK show is nothing more than a soap box this morning in regards to Pennsylvania bike lanes.

I found no punch line in your comments "tap them" and I want to dominate you.

I think your show sucks, and I want to listen to women. I want to listen to comedy. Good thing I can see them. HA HA HA.

Can everyone just calm down for a minute. This is getting really ridiculous with all the threats and violent implications. We're all assholes. Just be friendly assholes and talk to each other like adults.

If you ride a bicycle, be careful. If you drive a car, be attentive.

I think Kornheiser is hilarious. The main problem I have is that most of society is stupid and doesn't realize he's joking about hitting bicyclist.

The main problem I have is him spreading misinformation that bicyclists should not be on the road, like they don't have a legal right to it. It just encourages people to try to harm bicyclists.

This cluster (kornholer) is an ass, an impotent, imprudent ass. What is really pathetic is he THINKS he has a clue. I got your clue RIGHT HERE.

This is the same mentality as the Doctor in LA who almost killed two guys with his car. He thankfully is in jail, so now a cyclist can sue the station this clown is on and ESPN the national when they are hit in the fashion this jerk proclaims.... and YES a cyclist a bicyclist has a RIGHT to the road as it is the ONLY vehicle that is listed as a conveyance. A car is not given a right to a road..and roads were built before cars were ever around.Already ramping up the national spot light and boycotts of sponsors.. till he is fired!

One more thing contact the network ESPN contact advertisers, and last he violated the FCC regs and he can have his license removed, ask Mark Williams the loser that was booted out of Sacramento for just the same type of stupidity!

Mr Kornheiser has told the cycling community that they are a target. He has advised his listeners to "run them down". Mr Kornheiser statement will lead to premeditated vehicle murder. Riding a bike is an american tradition, from our childhood on tricycles to adults on road/touring/mountain biking. I have cycled 48 of my 50 years, many of those years in the Washington DC and surrounding area. Road rage is already a terrible problem both urban and suburban. It is ignorant statements as these that lead to tragic accidents and possible death. If bikes are his first target, what comes next. Pedestrians? Children getting off the school bus? Tell me Tony....where is the X on your car?

Jennifer Wood
Mechanicsville Virginia
Last year I road 2000 miles of Virginia's beautiful roads, I pray to God that we will never meet on the road.

Is that what passes for humor in the United States? Pretty sad, and I have to agree that it sends the message that running over cyclists (or "tapping" them) is somehow okay when you are annoyed by them. But a lot of the conversation is so stupid it makes your head hurt: typical cyclists rob pregnant women? Really... The other thing that is strange to me is that as a driver I never have the kinds of issues with cyclists that these people complain about. If I drive in Rock Creek Park and cyclists are in the way, I just wait until it is safe to pass. It's a park, not I-495. I thought Bob Roll's comments were very much on-target.

If no one has heard about this, ESPN radio personality condones running down cyclists. Now Lance Armstrong has since called him out on this, but this is the transcript from his radio show, which ESPN removed shortly after.

Well that didn't work like I had planned....
I heard about this and I could not believe someone with that broad of an audience would say such a thing. I have been hit unintentionally and for him to recommend this is absurd. I don't care if Lance made peace with him, but it sounded like a slap on the had rather than a real apology.
I teach a class promoting bicycle safety on the the road and trails and I don't need him promoting hurting someone who might be observing the laws and regulations.

This is why I can't stand any type of talk radio shows. They have a forum to spread their idiotic message and people out there believe he's right.

It would be advisable for all people who might have cause to deal with his advertisers to not use this guy's supporters.Window Nation is a huge sponsor a Boycott of them until they advertise responsibly is the best course of action! The economy dictates who people advertise with. If you stop patronizing a location due to poor advertising choices they will have to either fold or change their advertising dollars.

TK, when you talk about how much bigger your car is than those "stupid bikes," I can't help but think that there's a lot of overcompensating going on, if you know what I mean. Awfully sad. I suppose you were "kidding," but a lot of yahoos out there - I'm assuming you're not one of them - will not be able to discern this and may well take this as license to act on your suggestion.

This guy is about as sincere about his apology as the ocean on the Sahara is deep... Start the BOYCOTT of his advertisers now. This guy is a pathetic joke. I listened to the replay and he is a sad excuse for a man.

In 2008 near the end of a 192 mile ride for charity, a driver deliberatly moved far into a breakdown lane in an attempt to run me down. Then stopped, stuck his head out of his car and laughed like a maniac. Don't tell me Tony was "joking." He's inciting people to kill me. We not only have the right, but are required by law (in most states) to ride on the road and not on the sidewalk. Talking to, and apologizing to Lance means nothing. They don't "run down" TDF riders, they try to run down ordinary riders.
What does Tony and ESPN management do when some clown hits a cyclist, then cites Tony's words in his defense?
Tony should be banned from ever again having a mike in front of him.
I'll be out on the road today, training for the Pan Mass Challenge. I'll be looking over my shoulder for anyone who may have taken his words to heart. Hope I'm not one of those who end up laying on the side of the road because of that jerk.

I thought it was really funny

What year is your black Jetta, Brian?

I dont see Anime films working really, like they did a live action Gundam movie and I don't remember that being good, in fact, I barely remember it and nobody ever talks about it so it couldn'tve been all that good.

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