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Good news on the high number of visits on the blog washcycle!

I definitely spend way too much time checking it in the mornings. ;)

A more sincere apology from Tony would be the offer of not only appearing at, but joining in (ie-funding) a bike rally on Bike to Work Day-with a live brodcast-on a bicyle. He can say allot right now-we sould exploit him tastefully.

I really like Ellen's idea. But how do we make that happen?

Things could not have worked out better for Kornheiser. More people are paying attention to his radio show. Lance Armstrong will be a guest. Really, it's been a win-win-win for him.

I knew the guy and can assure you it's not a character. However, good on him for apologizing.

Colbert attacks the powerful, and bears.

TK is a big guy who makes jokes about women; works for major media outlets jokes about people who write in minor newspapers; drives an SUV jokes about running over people on bikes. Apparently he also can't take any criticism.

When your jokes are always about those weaker than you in a given situation, there is a fine line between humor and being a bully.

I'm no fan of Armstrong, but I hope he rips TK

SJE nails it. "Bully" was exactly the word that sprung to my mind.

Freewheel. I thought the same thing. I'd like to interview Lance Armstrong, maybe I should threaten cyclists.

Stand-up comedian becomes bike blogger.

That's worth at least one hash, zing!

We can handle Minnesota Senator, so bike blogger is easy.

It might clarify things to point out that the line "way before bloggers decided that radio transcription was an acceptable pastime" was not actually a swipe at WashCycle, but a joke about the number of times Steinberg ends up doing the same thing himself.

DC, it's T-bone doing her annual visit to The Washcycle. Just wanted to note that the Lance Armstrong quote made it to today's Style section if you can believe it, which is what brought the issue back to my radar. Great job...

UPDATE: Kornheiser just told LA that he won't do this type of rant again. LA says we'll all be listening to make sure.

Yep, just like on the playground, the bully is all contrite when someone's big brother comes on over. Lets see how long this lasts, or whether he will just focus on another group.

Just to put it in context, a few days after TKs rant, NC pro-cyclist, father, and husband, Adam Little was killed by a car that 'tapped' him.

"According to the Concord Police Department, Little was cycling southbound along the shoulder of NC Highway 49 near the intersection of US Highway 601 when he was struck by a car on Wednesday at 7:30 a.m."

I actually like TK. I thought his humor column in the Washington Post was very funny. And I like PTL. I don't listen to his radio show, but it sounds like Washcycle has it figured out. If you have to run your mouth for hours and hours your going to put your foot in it sooner or later. (Michele Obama had this happen during the campaign. "For the first time in my life I'm proud to be an American." THUD.)
TK ought to clue in. What if some knucklehead took him to heart and "tapped" one of his kids while he/she was out riding. TK is an intelligent guy. He knows he screwed up. He should participate in Bike to Work Day - wearing red leather go-go boots.

The bottom line is that this clown needs to be taken off the air. His "joke" is not funny it is in violation of Moral turpitude clauses and will get someone killed. The only way to make sure this happens is to take out his advertising base. I am sure once they get enough heat this clown will be back under the rock they found him under. Also I would contact the Redskins as they are a stake holder and the ESPN network, who he also seems to work for. This mentality is not just a joke. It is a serious character flaw, Until such time as people stop and think and change bicyclist for something else, children, dogs, joggers, blacks, Mexicans, people wearing plaid pants, and let that settle in...you only then realize the magnitude of the hate this person expressed. Then look up the Los Angles incident of the "doctor" who almost killed two guys doing a speed limit and in traffic as the law permits. This is not humor this is not just an I am sorry this needs to be your fired get out issue. Sad to say but We need to let our voices be heard boycott his advertisers, and boycott the stations advertisers they will have no choice but to listen. the Alternative is to have a bullseye on your back from this clown and people of his ilk

What is truly humorous is the level of TK's knowledge about the sports he supposedly covers. He is not really noted as an expert on any sport, including football. This is obvious to any long-time listener or viewer. He has more than a passing interest in the sports but he doesn't understand nuances of any of them.

So it's not surprising that he doesn't understand cycling, laws pertaining to cyclists and basic principles of safety and decency when it comes to behavior on the roads.

He always came across as a crotchety middle-aged guy on the old NBC4 shows "Full Court Press" and "Redskins Report" with George Michael. He would often get very angry except when he would refer to his obsession with The Suze (Susan O'Malley, former president of the Washington Wizards organization).

There was genuine animosity between him and Michael Wilbon, week in and week out. Those guys appeared to really hate each other. Only George Michael could keep the show from devolving into a knockdown brawl. Well, at least a hissy-fit slap fight. TK doesn't scare anyone physically when he's not driving an SUV or when he doesn't have the authority to get someone fired. I was surprised to see the two of them join up for the ESPN show PTI. (I have to admit that I've found that show amusing in the past, but after this month, I'm not going to watch it anymore, unless TK gets replaced permanently.)

I contacted ESPN the national network, they seem to feel this is acceptable behavior, perhaps a boycott of ESPN advertisers as well is in order. At the very least more of us need to contact them and push this issue. Just having Lance on does not and will not make this ok.. it can't be left to stand until he is off air

As for Archie Bunker, by the end of the show he got his comeuppance, or he realized how wrong he was because of some sort of personal interaction. That's what made the character palatable and an American icon. You can't hide the lesson, moral or humility 3 weeks later and still be compared to Archie Bunker.

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