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Regarding trail maintenance and trash along the MVT:

What happened to the deposit money for bottles back in the 60's?

Regarding the snow dumping, and this was discussed at Alexandria's bike/ped meeting, ESPECIALLY in cases where the sidewalk or trail is right up on the curb (including at intersections), the only real effective way to clear the street without bottling up the sidewalk/trail is to use a frontloader to scoop the snow into a dump truck. The problem is, this is both an expensive AND a time-consuming process. I don't see it as an effective solution to avoid dumping street snow on the sidewalks/trails.

The photo gives me a headache. All the shoveling and car repairs and yard work from those storms was depressing. And now seeing the incredible amount of trash washed up by the floods! My wife was so sick of it she took a couple of jumbo trash bags down to Belle Haven Park. It took no time to fill them with recyclables and when she was done she said you couldn't see a bit of a difference.

Some companies are now using compostable "plastic" bags made with plant-based materials. That could help along with increased use of paper bags.

I'm not so fond of the new reusable bags that you can find at large grocery stores and other retailers these days. Those bags are still made out of synthetic materials. They will wear out and end up in the rivers just like the "throwaway" plastic bags.

Much better to have the sturdy canvas reusable bags instead. They look the same as the synthetic reusable bags but they won't cause the same pollution problem after they are discarded.

I know we are veering a bit off from cycling on this thread, but it might surprise you to learn that paper bags are not necessarily better than plastic from an environmental perspective, when you consider the impacts of tree harvesting, paper processing, and cost/energy needed to recycle the materials. Read more here if you are interested

I've thought about that angle. In many cases paper bags aren't even an option. In any case, the canvas reusable bags are clearly the best option. Or no bag at all.

It's actually easier to carry large containers directly in one's hand than to suspend them in a bag. Doing so increases the weight of the object, or at least it feels like it does. Maybe a physics person can provide the science here.

Froggie: I don't know the best solution to snow dumping, but if bike/ped access is at least kept in mind, then plow drivers etc might make better choices if they have the option.

One option, from my wife (who hails from Colorado) is to simply sand and grit the roads instead of plowing.

Considering the infrastructure damage I've seen from plows, where the snow ended up isn't a priority at all.

In Arlington the chainlink fence on top of the barrier on Route 50 over 4 Mile Run was literally shredded by the force of the plowed snow. That's a multi-thousand dollar repair job now. Ditto on a ton of concrete curbs for the side streets that intersect the Custiss trail between Rosslyn and Lyon Village.

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