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People really pounced on that pedestrian who was killed while jogging early by the Mall.

Perhaps in that case, reduced hearing was a factor, but I think the comments were a bit malicious. It wasn't like she was suing the driver. She was dead.

I don't bicycle with headphones but I do jog carefully with them, often turning them down at intersections. I wouldn't make it 2 miles if I had to listen to myself pant.

The article includes motorists in the definition of IPod zombies. Heres and exerpt..
"The iPod zombies are cyclists, pedestrians and motorists who have on portable music devices with headphones or earbuds while attempting to cross streets or drive — in essence becoming oblivious to the rest of the world, said AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman Christine Delise."

Yeah, I mentioned that. But how many drivers listen to ipods while driving? Usually, you have a radio. And all of the examples cited were of pedestrians or cyclists. IMO, this is a campaign by a driver advocacy organization to push the blame for traffic fatalities onto non-drivers. They don't even have any real statistics.

Yes, three people died while wearing earbuds. Let's say that at any given time, 10% of pedestrians are wearing earbuds. And 10% of pedestrian fatalities are wearing earbuds. What does that tell you. What if only 6% of pedestrian fatalities are wearing earbuds?

I could just as easily point to examples where drivers, who were listening to the radio, were in crashes. Or cyclists wearing sunglasses were in crashes. Would either of those pieces of information mean anything? The whole story is ridiculous. It's so lacking in any scientific rigor (and the examples kind of stink - the real issue in these cases is that people crossed in front of traffic when they didn't have the right of way) that it's shocking the MSM would even run the story.

Drivers are locked inside sound-proofed cages, with the noise of the engine, radio, and whatever else, and then its the PEDESTRIAN's fault when they have some hearing impairment? Should we mandate that only convertables are allowed on the roads?

This is the main reason why I dropped AAA and signed up with Better World Club.

I actually see more car drivers with ear buds in, presumably for hands-free phone use. But what smart phone doesn't have an mp3 player built in? Sure cars have stereos, but not everyone has an iPod connection, and thus an increase to listening with earphones.

So what are the laws for cyclists/pedestrians using hands free devices? Are only car drivers allowed to use phones when moving?

But then again, drivers really have many other things to focus on rather than pesky cyclists and pedestrians, like DVD players, GPS maps, eating, smoking, and texting. Oh and speeding up to slow down for those speed cameras too.

I'm with SJE. Car maunfacturers market their noise reduction as a good thing, but really, they're reducing a driver's auditory clues to road hazards. I don't bother with a bell on my bicycle; I'd need a siren or bullhorn for the drivers to hear me (forget it if they're blasting their stereos).

Where's the AAA for cyclists? Not saying we don't have advocacy groups, but the travel discounts, maps/guides, and roadside assistance (which is really what I think most people sign up for) would be awesome.

Stacey - http://www.adventurecycling.org/ gets you everything but the roadside rescue, I'd say.


Better World Club has roadside assistance for cyclists for $40/year.


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