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"These are children," really, maturing teenagers, who can't ride bikes safely to school but whom we will trust to drive their cars safely on the roads in a couple of years. Hardly a good argument.
My daughter's elementary school prohibits bikes and scooters because it draws from across a major highway. This means that even those who would LIKE to ride bikes cannot because it's not safe for those who would NEVER ride their bikes across a major highway. Better to let the parents and kids decide what they are comfortable with and give the option to those who want to ride.

"The bike garages and lots are a payoff to the special interest bike lobby that has no real benefit or return for the students or the taxpayer.

"Primary routes for biking to Wakefield are (1) the long, steep (and sweaty) climb up from the Walter Reed Dr. Corridor, (2) pedaling down George Mason Dr. where you take your life into your hands biking between Columbia Pike and Four Mile Run, or (3) fighting traffic cutting through on a narrow, twisting, hilly Frederick Street from the west end of Columbia Pike.

"The limited number bike riders is indication of the sanity and common sense of today's high school student -- not a lack of upscale parking spaces."

This cracks me up. My guess is that it was written by a student at Wakefield HS who wants to ensure she/he has a parking place next year.

anything that encourages reduction in driving trips by today's high school students ("sanity and common sense", ha) benefits everybody, not just the 'special interest bike lobby'.

So, because the roads are crap and people drive like nuts we should not be allowed to ride? This is so silly it made me laugh.

Better yet, "the bike lobby." OK, fellow lobbyists, lets meet next Wed in our secret underground bunker. Now that we have successfully caused the collapse of the Greek economy, we have free time to plan our takeover of the federal highway system.

Yes, the special interest bike lobby was my favorite part.

We are legion!


I managed to ride my bike to school kindergarden through 2nd grade without getting maimed. I'm sure a teenager can pull it off.

Aha! And I knew it was the secret bike lobby that caused the subprime mortgage market collapse. Something to do with cyclists on the streets with the sun reflecting off the wheels and blinding realtors and bank employees and distracting them from thinking about what they were doing.

MB: so, did you get maimed in third grade, or are you presently in third grade and so cannot comment until the school year is out?

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