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Depending on your destination, it often makes more sense to rent a bike. Often vacation spots have bike shops that rent decent bikes.

Pack your bike shoes, and bring your clipless pedals, and then install them on the rental. I found that was pretty satisfying way to replicate my own bike while on a trip out west last summer. Much better than biking in jogging shoes.

That's what I'm doing for Bike NY, but for this trip I'm doing a triathlon and wanted my own bike.

The shop I work at almost always has a cardboard shipping box available for free. They will also box it for you for around $50 and may even ship it for you if they are not too busy, but that has not been the case lately...

You need a good folding bike.

Good luck at the triathlon!

I have a good folding bike, it's just that I need a different kind of bike for the race.

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