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1. More bikes everywhere, and a higher profile for biking with increased use, a more politically active bike community, and a mayor and president who bike.

2. Major snowstorms and Metro disasters show us the strengths and weaknesses of the transportation infrastructure.

3. With the spike in gas prices and the economic downturn, people in the region have gone from increasingly bigger cars to increasingly smaller, zippier cars. e.g. Honda Fit, BMW Mini, SMART, more hybrids, etc.

4. Mortgage meltdown and job losses force a rethink of the continually expanding metro area, with big losses in the furthest exurbs.

Where was this story? I did a quick check on the WaPo site but didn't find it.

BTW, the Wilson Bridge trail opened June 6. Not exactly what I'd call "spring" (astronomically, yes...but meteorologically, no)

Whoops. Added to the post.

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