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hahahahahahaha nice.

Can I hitch my unicorn up outside if I decide not to ride to work on occasion?

Oh man that's kind of a cruel joke.

Son of a... I was really excited to see an REI in DC. Then came the humidifier. And Biden. :)

You are mean!

Does the fact that I fell for this mean that I'm an optimist, extremely gullible, or living in an insane delusional world? All three? *sigh*

I really want this to be true. Complete with laundry and Biden, and hell! even the unicorn. You can keep the Starbucks, though.

the beer was the tip off.
so sad...

I was torn between excitement and being pissed that they stole The Bike House (www.thebikehouse.org) name! Good one, totally got me.

gotta love april fools day @washcycle

Got me.

You forgot to mention that Tony Kornheiser is going to be the towel boy at the locker room.

grumble grumble ;)

that Biden guy again, sheesh!

seriously that would be the most amazing thing ever if it were to happen, It would be expensive as hell but man what a showcase!

I think it is all technically possible - except maybe the connection to Metro. But yeah, it would be expensive.

G-damn...I was just about to share this with all my cycling friends on F-book (especially my Portland,OR friends to rub it in)...and then I saw the end. That's COLD!

You had me for about half of the article. I think the dehumidification and laundry service finally broke the illusion. But for at least a few seconds, I thought bike nirvana was coming to D.C.

Damn you Wash Cycle!!! Damn you for mocking my dreams!!!

BTW is that picture the new library in Minneapolis?

Here's our local version of a great infrastructure project:


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