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Very disappointing about the WB&A trail bridge. Is there anyone we can contact to "lobby" for this project?

I am too. I don't know who to lobby for it, but it sounds like Anne Arundel County. You can contact the East Coast Greenway people - this bridge makes up part of their route and they probably already have contacts identified.

Lack of signage for Maryland destinations isn't the problem on the WWB trail. Lack of decent connections from the Maryland end of the bridge is the problem.

I am very disappointed about the WB&A bridge. I live nearby and often look longingly across the river waiting for the connection. This is the bike equivalent to not having a bridge across the bay. There are no real viable alternatives without 15-20 mile (or more) detours.

Not only is it supposed to be part of the East Coast Green-way, but also the American Discovery Trail.

The fundamental problem is how these things get funded when you cross boundaries. So PG Co. has money now and AA Co. does not. Just watch, later AA Co. will have money and PG Co. will have spent its funds elsewhere.

Should inter-county bike connection be a state concern?

I know this is on WABA's list of unfunded projects. I have not seen WABA start a campaign to muster the troops to help make it happen.

I've not heard WABA talk about it much. It's a little far from Washington frankly. I'd write WABA, One Less Car and Friends of AA Trails and ask them to start an advocacy campaign for this. It really is a critical missing piece in the area bike network.

I agree it is a little outside WABA's area of focus. Usually there is very little focus on PG Co. in general. However the WB&A bridge was listed in a recent WABA mailing asking for money. I had not thought of asking writing OLC.

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