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NIMBY... those people don't give two hoots about the "environmental impact". If they were so passionate about the environment, they wouldn't live so far out in suburban sprawl. NIMBYites- what do you think was in your yard before it was covered in grass and a house? My guess: trees. Or at least productive farmland that provided fresh local crops. Either way, it was better than a subdivision. Just a thought.

This park has a history of the locals attempting to limit access to the lake.

It is very much a NIMBY issue. They keep jumping around on there reasons to stop the trail, although they claim to not be against the trail, they just propose unreasonable alternate routes fromt he trail. Which of course cut through undisturbed forested area, unlike 75% of the Park staff prefered route.

This is the first I've heard about a future North Olney Trail. Can Jack or someone in the know describe the path it would take? I've ridden between Rockville and Olney, and major detours are required to cross Rock Creek because Norbeck Road is not bike-friendly in that area.

If people saw the Lake Frank connector as part of a larger network of biking trails, they might be more receptive to it. Without that larger context, it's sort of a connector to nowhere, because most of the trails around Lake Frank are currently hiker-only.

This trail is one of the only paved trails in the Upper Rock Creek Trail Corridor Plan. It will run from the Rock Creek trail (just after passing under 28). From there it will head North along the wide trail, which is also a sewer line access road (that's why it is so wide). Cross Muncaster road at grade and then connect upto the trail along Emory road which will also connect the ICC trail. Right now the only section being dealt with is the connection from rock Creek Trail to the Lake Frank trail.

The plan can be found here and this short section in question is on page 22.


I am not a Manor Lake resident, but I live near these trails and have been using them regularly for many years. I am a hiker, runner and cyclist.

Both of the spots proposed as connectors between Rock Creek and Lake Frank are already foot paths. The one is a rather steep hill that the average joe is too lazy to climb. The other most people just don't realize is there.

Since biking in most of Lake Frank is prohibited, why not wait to build this connector when and if the trail to Olney becomes a reality?

Seems like a waste to me...and likely to bring moutain bikers to the Lake Frank footpaths that they don't belong on.

I'd much rather see those old parking lots ripped up and trees planted.

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