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I'm excited about the new section being completed in May! I'll have to swing by that way once it's open and ride up to my old neghborhood - Brookland, which will now be accessible almost entirely using off-road facilities by bike. I love it!

Interesting developments although I don't ride in that area.

Regarding a different trail, I saw that wooden fencing has been installed around the fields and picnic areas at Gravelly Point by Nat'l Airport adjacent to the Mt. Vernon Trail. Is this an annual occurrence? Or is there some sort of event or construction work going on?

I'm not complaining. It looks a little ugly but it does separate the grassy area from the trail. Sometimes kids, and even adults, wander lazily on the asphalt and block off the MVT. With the fencing, this is much less likely to happen. It's safer for the families and casual walkers on the one hand, and safer for cyclists and runners on the other.

I am happy to say that I was able to ride the entire length of the MBT yesterday between Franklin and NY Ave Metro. There are two sections that are still unpaved, but they are graded and hardpacked and didn't cause me any problems on my road bike (with 35mm tires).

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