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I don't remember seeing a bicycle path running parallel to Sunrise Valley. I go this way quite often to get to and from the W&OD.

If you look at the google map satellite view, you can see it just north of the soccer field in south lakes village park. And then north of the tennis courts too.

That is not really a bike path, it is more like a wide sidewalk. I've never seen any cyclists on those sidewalks, all cyclists there use the road, it is really the only realistic option.

A colleague of mine was at the scene of this accident right after it happened and it sounds like it was a "left hook" with the westbound driver taking a left turn into the eastbound cyclist. He said it was a very disturbing scene.

Mitch thanks. I was just going on the photo and comments at the Post. By mentioning it I was only trying to say that it could be crash at the trail crossing OR on-road, it sounds like the former is not realistic.

Wow! I go that way as part of my weekend training ride!

I like to briefly get off the W&OD path to ride up the nasty hill on Hunter Station Rd. I then make a R on Lawyers Rd., a R on Twin Branches, then a R on Sunrise Valley back to the W&OD path. It's a fast downhill on Sunrise Valley back to the W&OD path so the temptation is to gun it which I usually do.

Man, I hope the guy get's well!

That's f'ked up on the part of the motorist! There is no way the motorist could not have seen the cyclist.

@Mitch - thanks for the info from your colleague. The majority of the bike traffic I see in that area is headed downhill towards the trail. Always on the road (plenty of lane width, too).

@CR - I know that loop (my legs wish I didn't). I try to always assume drivers don't see me - too many examples (fortunately no contacts yet!).

If its a hook, the motorist almost always sees the cyclist but does not judge the speed correctly. As I wrote to the WASHPOST travel section re sharing the road: I am 6'4, wear light or colored clothing. You had better damn well see me. I have been cut off more times than I can remember.

The location also gets to another issue that is not well appreciated outside bike forums: the existence of bike paths does not fully facilitate cycling if (a) the paths are unsafe or otherwise unusable for cycling (e.g this particular path) and/or (b) you have to navigate dangerous roads to get to the path (if this cyclist was going to the W&OD).

In the last few yeasr I switched jobs and am very fortunate to have a house at one end of the CCT, and a job at the other end.

Ya know, Fairfax is supposed to be a cycling haven compared to Loudoun, which has no dedicated cycling infrastructure and all the neighborhood paths are designed for recreation, not transportation and sadly not safety. But I've been pretty much car-free here for over a year and had few problems as a vehicular cyclist. Do I just ride uber-defensively or do you think there are actually fewer problems with drivers when cyclists are so rare? Or maybe I avoid unsafe roads that more experienced cyclists would deem safe.

This accident was very bad- I was the first on scene and there for several hours. My thoughts go out to the cyclist and his family and friends. Even more disturbing is that a similar accident happened around a year ago in same area- when will people please be more aware of their surroundings? Cars around here drive way too fast and do not yield at all to pedestrians or bicycles...

To all who gave well wishes to Cyclist I say Thank you, I am his younger brother. He is improving slowly but is still in critical condition. We are hoping for a good recovery but it is going to be a long road.If you go to My Facebook page I am posting periodic updates on his condition. Also please remember the driver of the SUV, this can't be easy on her either.

That's very good to hear, Donald. Thank you for letting us know. I rode past there this weekend and your brother was on my mind.

I'm a member of the Reston Association Pedestrian and Bicycling Advisory Committee. First, want to say that I'm sick about this news, and am hoping for Scott's full recovery. I'm more than a little familiar with this section of road - in my view the most dangerous for cyclists in Reston. I'll do my best to get this news before the Reston Association. Will push for answers on what can be done to make our roads safer for cyclists.

I live on Barton Hill Road and unfortunately I was at the scene of this accident, I was also at the scene of last years accident. (same scenario, same intersection). Both drivers will never forget the day of the accident, a true nightmare.
Please be careful when coming down Sunrise Valley, drivers turning left onto Barton Hill, have the sun is in their eyes and it is VERY hard to see a cyclist, (especially if you are not expecting one). I myself am an athlete and have had many near misses with cars, this incident could happen to any one of us. Be careful out there.

I was the guy who got hit. I am doing better, but still in the hospital recovering. Thank you all for your comments. It will only get better for other cyclists if we all speak up. Feel free to contact me for anything:

Scott Ennis
[email protected]

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