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"Sam must be spending all of his time at work playing minesweeper, because he sure as heck isn't doing journalism."


Any reports on Sam's personal best times for minesweeper?

--I like that they added comment about the bike lanes from DC's finest, most safe road users -- cab drivers.

What? You expect compentence from the empty haircuts that play journalists onTV?

great write up washcycle. Actually, you've had a bunch of great write ups recently. good job.

I'll certainly comment as soon as I get to a computer where the authentication images required to leave a comment are not blocked (i.e., not at work).

Good post, washcycle.

It seems even the police are unclear on whether those bike lanes are open. I work at a segway tour business, and a police officer told us that we must begin using the bike lanes for our travel. (I didn't speak with the officer myself).

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Here is what I submitted as a resident and voter of the District of Columbia.
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my concern and utter disappointment in the quality of reporting by Sam Ford and Leon Harris on the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes during last night's evening news.

Of most concern is the fact that neither Leon Harris, Sam Ford, or the cab drivers interviewed during the piece (one of whom dangerously gave his comments while traveling through the intersection with his door open) seemed to understand that the Department of Transportation has not yet opened the lanes and has advised cyclists not to use them until they are complete. Suggesting that they are currently not being used is simply irresponsible and illustrates a gross example of media misinformation.

The report continues noting that signs, pavement paint, and new turning movements make the lanes dangerous for drivers and cyclists. It has, in fact, been demonstrated throughout European, Canadian, and some US cities that bicycle lanes similar to those designed on Penn. Avenue actually greatly increase the safety of cyclists and make them more attractive to would-be cyclists concerned about safety. Also of particular note is the fact that DDOT studies of traffic on Penn. Avenue illustrated that there is in fact plenty of remaining lane miles to accommodate the peak traffic demands.

I would expect a reputable news organization would actually investigate a story and not spout inaccurate, anecdotal commentary. I highly encourage and recommend that Channel 8 make another attempt at providing a fair and balanced piece as a preface to the eventual opening of these lanes. As a cycle commuter, I see everyday how unbalanced the investments in our roadway infrastructure have been against the cyclist. Our city should be applauded for taken a leading roll in this nation - a nation overly obsessed, addicted, and spoiled by a reliance on automotive travel that is both damaging to our environment and our national security.


Robert H. Mandle

It's times like these I think it's actually better to be uninformed than misinformed. Jeebus. And my father wonders why I don't waste my time watching the news.

"try not to have an accident"?! Really?! Is that some sort of veiled threat? Good lord! I was made after reading washcycle's write-up. I'm even more angry now that I've actually seen the piece.

One thing Sam said was fairly true...that adding to the mass of white paint on black asphalt wasn't helping anyone.

What he didn't say was that US Commission on Fine Arts refused to allow colored bike lane paint or permanent lane indicators/bollards.

Robert, it is great that you pointed out the state of the research in this area in your letter. I have been using these lanes every day (whoops! Didn't know we were supposed to stay out of them!) and I feel (at least w/ the cones) much safer than I expected to. I'm not worrying about buses, double-parkers, people stepping off the sidewalk, or car doors!

Wait.... as he was saying there were no bikers, literally 3 bikers went by in the bike lanes behind him at that exact second.

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