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I had a runner with a dog stop me and two other cyclists while going under a bridge because he felt 'unsafe' he nearly caused a three bicycle crash when he threw out his arm and yelled, "STOP!" for no reason. Awful trail behavior.

It is true that many bicylists don't announce themselves. I notice that when I am out on family rides (because, of course, nobody ever passes me during my commute :-D) and it is a little annoying. My kids know that it is important to give some kind of signal that you are passing and they do a great job considering that they are still much more concentrated on the actual act of cycling. People know when my kids want to pass.

Maybe commuters behave a little better on the trail. However, when I run to work, (during commuting time frames), the majority of cyclists does not announce itself and I am constantly looking over my shoulder so I don't get startled.

That's why I will be ringing my bell until it gets a dent. ;-)

My personal favorites are the people who don't hear me and then get all offended. Not sure what, if anything, I can do about that. Stop and have a pity party? Take his ear plugs out? Offer a cup of coffee? Take away the smart phone? Just not sure.

If someone wants to be upset because they were inattentive and didn't hear you warn them, there is very little you can do about that. I suppose you could only pass when signaled, but not everyone will do that. The best you can do is signal and pass safely.

Eric W: I occasionally run to work too . . I thought I might be the only one crazy enough to do that (~13-14 miles, although I usually take metro part of the way).

Well, my run is only 6.75 miles one-way. 13-14 miles seems a little long... That's my roundtrip!

If I ever get serious about Triathlon, I can get all my training in during the week: Bike on four days and on one day I run to the 14th Street bridge, swim across the Potomac to the Jefferson Memorial and run to work the rest of the way. :-)

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