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Unfortunately you have to go over 300 feet of cobblestones to get to it. I still prefer to use 7th Street.

When you say it's going to be continued to M St SW, do you mean there's hope they'll get rid of the cobblestones?

Brendan, I'm 99% sure the cobblestone is staying. It's there to slow traffic for the high-pedestrian crossing between the museums.

I can understand slowing down cars, no problem with that. But if it just had a 3 foot wide ribbon of smooth paving at the gutter, I'd be able to bike that route, and cars would still be impeded.

Another place of cobblestones I deal with is Memorial Drive between the GW circle and Arlington Cemetery. At least there the gutter is paved smooth and is usable (although it just dumps you into the circle which isn't great at all)

For S&G's,I showed the above photo to my co-workers. They either had no idea what it was,or thought it was some kind of weird bike crossing. Bike boxes are usless unless the word gets put out as to what they are.

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