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They have tire-catching trolley rails in West Philly and inner suburbs. The rails are a problem if you a traveling with the rails and try to move to another part of the lane. Watching your back tire is especially tricky. Nice going DC to think of the issue, although I would guess that some tires will be skinny enough to get caught no matter how they design the rails.

Despite bike-friendly designs being called out in the street design manual, the wheel-catching ones are still used. E & 4th St, NW, Michigan Ave. NW near the hospital, Bladensburg Rd. NE leading in to the Arboretum, etc. I've reported these to 311 and DDOT staff multiple times with no action.

I'm no engineer, so I don't know if it's possible to implement here, or the cost, but there are commercially available polymer gap-fillers that would prevent bike-wheel catching.

I've gone down after catching a MTB wheel in the Boston green line tracks -- absolutely terrifying. I'm glad DDOT is on this issue.

read: I don't think DDOT is doing anything to make cycling over the tracks themselves safer - just replacing some wheel-bending/catching drainage grates associated with the streetcar tracks. A friend who is a paramedic in Portland told me they respond to one or two cyclist crashes daily caused by the streetcar tracks there. I know we have far fewer total number of cyclists here, but DDOT should probably be ready with some sort of public info campaign to educate cyclists on how to 'share the road' with streetcars.

I think the tracks are going to be an additional road hazard we'll have to account for. Maybe the best thing is for DDOT to build up the bike infrastructure on the parallel streets.

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