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If two-thirds of emergency room visits (200,000) could be prevented by wearing helmets, you would expect helmets to reduce head injuries by about 200,000. But they claim that only 39 to 45 thousand head injuries would be prevented by helmets.

I'm not a doctor or an advocate, but these numbers don't seem to add up.

The helmet law in Jacksonville is a complete and total joke. Very few children are in compliance when on a bike and I can not find a single incident where a citation was issued for not wearing helmet. If injuries decreased here in Jacksonville that is not due the helmet law. It's entirely due to the decrease in the number of kids riding bikes.

But even without enforcement, the study notes, the law induces people to comply. Some people follow the law just because it's the law. How do you explain the ~400% increase in helmet use?

Helmets saves our brain from spiling on the ground. That is why I always wear them on rides going to Dalia.

So far I've been convinced that helmet laws increase helmet use, reducing had injury rates, but reduce bicycle use, increasing overall injury rates. I'm still waiting for the study that shows that helmet laws reduce overall injury rates. Absent that, I'm not bothering with the helmet, except when I put on the spandex and go out to ride fast for the sake of riding fast (or if I'm on a US military base, where helmets always seem to be required).

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