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I've criticized the whole "Bicycle Friendly Community" notion as being driven by process rather than outcomes, and I have to do it again. So a community can't be "bicycle friendly" if it doesn't have bike lanes? That's just nonsense.

Well, I happen to believe in process (it is, after all, what I do for a living) but I see your point. If a town had 10% bicycle mode share and no bike lanes is it then bicycle unfriendly? Still, that isn't the case here. I think the process can lead you to bicycle friendliness. Is it perfect? no. But it's good and getting better - a lot like LEED in my opinion.

And to contradict myself again (it makes me complicated and thus sexy) I'll share a story.

My friend applied to Harvard Business School and they accepted him of course because he was smart. But his father needed him to stay and help with his machining business so he delayed his admission to Harvard by a year. The next year, he found his father still needed him and he called Harvard for another deferral.
Harvard: "How many employees did you have when you started helping your father?"
Friend: "50"
Harvard: "How many employees do you have now a year later?"
Friend: "About 900."
Harvard: "It doesn't seem that you need Harvard Business School!"

So results are what matter, but process is the way you get to the results...

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