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Royal's comment is sort of odd to me because, generally, whatever the facts are notwithstanding, assigning blame really had no particular utility in that context. The awkward silence was appropriate.

"As an example he noted that in California people don't really jaywalk, but here it's culturally acceptable to do so and we need to change that."

Jaywalking is linked to pedestrian friendly cities. People dont jaywalk in california because pedestrians are terrified of crossing 8 lanes of traffic moving at 50mph. Im not kidding about the 50mph, that speed limit is common in urban avenues here. Anyone who is against jaywalking probably feels that pedestrians much be kept in tiny sidewalks, allowing cars to move quickly and freely at all times.

J, I thought about the same thing. While most of my time in Cali has been limited to the Redondo Beach area, it's not exactly walk friendly. No one does any kind of walking - jay or otherwise (see Steve Martin's L.A. Story for more).

One thing I left out on this was that he added something to the effect of "with many new people from other cultures moving to Cali, jaywalking was beginning to become a problem."

I wish he could give more information on why the bicyclists were at fault.
Maybe they were, or maybe it reflects a system that seems to regard the mere presence of a cyclists on the road as fault. Just ask Curtis Leyermeister.

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