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I can't help but think this is either a major screw up in planning or somebody has, at the last minute, really twisted some arms.

Why change it right this instance before even giving it a try? We are coming into the Summer season and traffic will naturally be lighter. Let's observe how it goes and adjust it in the fall if need be.

If DDOT lets the standard become that no bike lane can be added to any road if it inconveniences a single driver than what road can we put a lane in?

Just about all our free space in cities have been paved and given over to the automobile. If we are serious about opening things up for alternatives then car-centric design has to be reduced.

JeffB makes a good point. Obviouslt some serious arm-twisting. Paint it green and see how it goes. People are already using it anyway.

I've heard a lot of rumors. Secret Service doesn't like it. U.S. Marshals who see the center as their court parking. AAA. Traffic concerns caused by double parking tour buses at the White House visitor center. None, some or all of these things could be true. Or it could really be a safety concern (but I personally doubt it).

This has all the hallmarks of arm-twisting.

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