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I am glad you picked up on the fact that the AAA survey found that 20% of respondents would be compelled to bike to work if bike lanes are constructed. That's a huge number, and a strong argument for bike lanes.

It's a shame AAA Mid-Atlantic's press release didn't also include contact information for AAA so that concerned commuters can submit their comments on AAA's research methods. Who thinks that survey was remotely unbiased?

I also think it's a really interesting word choice: the additional bike lanes will "compel" 20% of respondents to regularly commute by bike. So they're admitting that infrastructure design compels commuters to travel a particular way regardless of the commuter's preference? Or is it just highlighting how AAA feels besieged by all these environmentally- & economicallty-friendly transportation choices?

Me thinks they've been hanging out with the truckers.

On average, 2.3 percent of District workers bike to work, according to 2008 data from DDOT. That’s 7,066 bicyclists daily. In contrast, 12 percent walk to work. Even so, 39 percent of employees in the District drive to work alone, while 21 percent ride to their jobs in carpools and vanpools.

Another 40 percent use some form of mass transit...

Forgive me if I'm wrong, AAA, but I believe that is more than 100%...

Nice catch Laura.

The funny thing is that, if you click through to read the comments to the Transportation Planning Board, you will see that they are all in favor of bike lanes.

AAA is doing a great job of inspiring cyclists to speak up for bike lanes. Maybe I should re-join (kidding). :)

Well, Sherwood's piece is nice but he refers to "vehicles" as if a bicycle isn't one. Just a subtle hint that he doesn't quite get it yet.

FWIW, I dropped my AAA membership years ago because of their cars-at-all costs mentality.

Do the cyclists who are pro-street car have experience riding in a city with street cars? I understand the anti-car solidarity but getting your wheel caught in or slipping on a streetcar rail is no fun in traffic.

Well, I now cross the H Street tracks everyday on the way to and from work, but I'm going perpendicular to the tracks which isn't really the problem. It is an issue that we'll need to address, and luckily I think we can borrow ideas from other cities. I think the two can coexist.



Re: streetcars and bikes.

There are grates set into the H St. streetcar tracks, with the bars parallel to traffic, so that the grates can catch a bike wheel. A friend got a pinch flat while riding over one of them.

(Yes, I'm planning to mention this to DDOT.)

On the video, who is the young man who said bikes are almost as fast as cars? He looked like a bike-advocate rather than a "man on the street." If the former, he should tweak his talking point. Something like, "In downtown traffic a bike is faster than a car," or "For city trips less than 2 miles a bike is faster than a car." Because off the top of my head, that's true.

That's Michael Perkins who blogs at GreaterGreaterWashington.

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