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I really should not have renewed my AAA membership. These guys become more ridiculous by the day.

Why is AAA Mid-Atlantic a sponsor of Bike to Work Day? It is right there on WABA's poster. Does this mean they will have a table set up at Freedom Plaza? Don't you hate it when peanut buttered bagels fly out of your hand uncontrollably?

Early Man:

Not sure what you want to say. If AAA is a sponsor of Bike to Work (did not check the referenced material), then they should indeed consider whether that involvement is defensible. Maybe they should just save the money and use it to publish more fact-free press releases when the next bike lane is proposed or implemented.

Excellent point Early Man. Why sponsor bike to work day if you don't think people will actually bike to work?

It's probably sponsored by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety which actually does some good work. That said sponsorship for the event is handled by a group that promotes alternatives to SOVs.

The Post has been part of the AAA spin machine for a while. Finding a Washington Post transportation article without a quote from AAA (Lon Anderson or John Townsend) is difficult (not impossible, but difficult).

I respect the AAA, in the sense that they're the automobile association and have no reason to support anything that isn't an automobile. I just want no part of short-sighted transportation advocacy, and encourage people to drop their membership.

Eric W.,
It's not too late to cancel your AAA membership and switch to Better World Club instead. Same roadside assistance protection, but they lobby for transit and bicycles. You can get most of your membership dues back if you cancel AAA (tell them why) and BWC will give you a special discount for switching.

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