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The author of the Post article is Katherine Shaver. In the interest of fairness, Ms. Shaver should disclose that she lives in Chevy Chase, and so objectivity is difficult for her. Reporters should disclose they live in a neighborhood when they write about a neighborhood issue.
The race is only 5K this year, and will be partially on the local streets in Chevy Chase. Why such a short race?? They have little choice since the Interim CCT is unfinished and they cannot get the race to cross east across six lane Connecticut Ave. without closing this state highway.
So - they run around in circles in Chevy Chase to "save" a local trail from being completed into Silver Spring, paved, widened, and be given grade separated crossings of Connecticut Ave. and all the other busy highways between Bethesda and Silver Spring.
Runners will be running against their own best interests Saturday. Do they really want to keep the trail as a local trail only able to support running in circles in Chevy Chase?

Oops, this is embarrassing.
My info. on Katherine Shaver is second hand, and turns out to be wrong. She does not live in Chevy Chase. I am still left to wonder why she is always to quick to quote Pam Browning for all of her stories, but never can seem to find the telephone number of WABA or other trail supporters who favor finishing the trail with the Purple Line.

Hilarious. New lows for the NIMBY movement.

"I don't want lower-middle class, not to mention poor, blacks and hispanics having easy access to my town by public transportation. I also don't want that trail by my backyard to actually allow anyone to get anywhere." -Pam Browning , Queen of NIMBY

She didn't say it, but she might as well have...

Try to make trail "local Only" seems to be the Mo.Co. way!

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