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It's good to see that the authorities pursue this with appropriate attention! (and thanks for the update)

For good reason, this topic is all the rage right now on the MABRA (Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association) listserv. One interesting note I just read there:

"the DC101.1 radio show Elliot in the Morning had a mention of this incident this morning. one of the co-hosts (i think her name is Diane) mentioned that police were still investigating the case and Elliot interjected saying that "it made for a really funny video". almost immediately they received a lot of feedback denouncing His comment, after which he spent the next half hour defending himself in a way that just made him look more of a jerk. even his co-hosts were backing away from him. his defense that none of his listeners would be encouraged to do something similar to other cyclist backfired on him when 3 listeners called immediately called in and shared stories of their own "pranks" done to injure or scare cyclists. so far he's yet to appologize and the negative feedback is apparently building up."

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