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Please come to the meeting and speak up. The meeting is at Shady Grove Maintenance Yard
Training Room, Building B
16641 Crabbs Branch Way
Rockville, MD 20855 which is right around the corner (so to speak) from the Shady Grove Metro. Its at 7 pm.

Sent my letter of support!

Personally the most frustrating part of all this is that the effort to get this trail has been all above the table and legal. Now we have a NIMBY group shouting propaganda to keep limited access to a public park.

The pavement they want removed will still be removed, the staff recommended alignment has far less environmental disturbance that the other option suggest.
Then there are the politicians who are now backing these NIMBYS. They claim to not be against the trail but the process. The Process was legal and above the table. The message I’ve receiving is there is little to no support for bicycle trails via the politicians.

A petition in SUPPORT of the Lake Frank trail connector will be available for signing at the Olney Farmers and Artists Market on Sunday, May 29. Please stop by and sign the petition.

The Olney Farmers & Artists Market is located at Montgomery General Hospital's Thrift Shop
2801 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd., at the corner of Prince Phillip Dr. & Rt. 108

Public parking available behind the Thrift Shop.
Enter off of Prince Phillip Drive.

More information here:

Just to close this out -- the Planning Board approved Alignment B of the Lake Frank Trail Connector.

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