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The Crown Prince of Denmark is a pretty cool dude. He was hanging out in Australia and started dating this nice young girl, now wife, without mentioning his position, or asking about her bloodlines. So different from the English and Japanese monarchy!

I didn't get a chance to meet Caron Butler when he was playing with the Wizards but he seems like a good guy. He was the honorary co-chair of the Bike for the Heart charity bike event last October, along with Mayor Fenty. There was a casual ride in downtown D.C., a group spin bike session inside Verizon Center, and a competitive bike time trial sprint along Pennsylvania Ave.

I participated in the bike time trial. That has to be one of the coolest things I've ever done here, and one of the best rides I've had. Though there are many races in D.C., running, cycling and triathlon, I don't know that there are many time trial events, especially those open to the public. Each of us got to ride down Pennsylvania Ave. and up and down Capitol Hill, one at a time, with the entire street closed off to everyone else. Just me and a personal motorcycle escort during the short time trial. Though I lost out to most of the other cyclists, I thoroughly enjoyed the race. (I just wish I hadn't mixed up the finish lane at the end and lost time that way.)

I'm glad to see that Caron Butler is still engaged in D.C. cycling.

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