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Perfect for folks who need a tow, not a lobbyist. I'm not a member, but know a couple of folks who are, and are very happy with Better World Club. Once my manufacturer roadside service runs out, I'm joining.

Can anyone comment on the service they get from Better World Club in the event that their car does break down? I have young kids and a pregnant wife and, much as I love riding, the family relies on a car.

Its just not AAA or Better World. I think there are plenty of providers for emergency road service - your auto manufacturer, insurer, credit card, etc.

Since they all just sub-contract the actual tow out I think you can't say one is going to always be better than another.

Once, when I was towed, I did ask the driver if it mattered and he said not really except that some providers do pay more than others so that if he had 3 calls simultaneously for tows from companies X, Y , Z and company X payed better then he would tow that one first.

So if you really want to know I suggest calling up a few towers and ask them which service they prefer dealing with.

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