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When is the ghost bike going up?

Ignore my previous comment. WABA is on it.

speed bumps aren't installed on arterial and collector roads for the most part, but there are other better traffic calming techniques, including as you mentioned, bike lanes.

I'm wondering if it's not possible for DDOT to conduct some research to discover the roads in the District where cyclists are the most in danger and then cross-tab that with logical commuting routes. I just think that if there's a place where bike lanes do offer some level of refuge for the cyclist, it's where the traffic is going at high speeds and are most likely not in the downtown core. I feel as though this should be how DDOT prioritizes the construction of new bike lanes.

I mentioned something similar to DDOT at one point and I was told that while that is the ideal way to do it, it's expensive. Instead they kind of eyeball it and then study each road as they plan to change it. So their prioritized based on the bike plan, opportunity, expert opinion and advocacy.

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