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5-0 should not be a problem for the US, especially after the first half... ;-)

I might take the kids to Clarendon before the US game to watch some racing. Should be entertaining for all of us. We'll have to see whether we'll watch the game at home or in a bar...

There is, of course, the big Crystal Ride on Sunday morning before the AFCC with about 2,000 riders, starting at 7:30am. I am riding to support brain-injured veterans.

Lacking any route or start location information, I'm intending to don my seersucker shirt/ascot/knickers ensemble, roll out on my porteur bike, and do my county-mandated 5,000 passes over the Shirlington bike sensor.

Or you could wear your seersucker to the DC pride parade, since bikes, soccer, seersucker, and gays are part of a perfect 10 day!

I watched part of the Air Force Cycling Classic last year. I wanted to participate in the Crystal Ride this year but I'll be busy with the triathlon in Cambridge, MD, this weekend. Too bad both events had to take place on the same day and weekend.

Racing on the beat up streets of Clarendon, YEAH! How much broken carbon will there be?

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