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The list I saw in the paper included a fine for going too slow. Methinks an ambitious patrol officer could give that one to a cyclist. Along with a bunch of other ones too for redlights and such. The presumption that cyclists are left out of the picture is wrong.

I wish non-cyclists would understand. In the last ten years, I've been pulled over twice while driving and three times while cycling. I'd love to know other people's tally for this.

I'd love to get pulled over for speeding on my bike. I'd frame the ticket.

I got an infraction ticket for rolling through a red light [i've said my 10 hail marys to atone]. "Make" of vehicle on the ticket -- "Moots bike"

Fines are great, but even as somebody who doesn't drive in DC too often, it looks a whole lot like revenue is the primary motivator here. If safety was the primary goal, we'd not only have strict enforcement of existing code, but perhaps longer and wider suspensions of driver licenses, and strict liability code for harm to vulnerable road users.

Perhaps this is indicative of WABA's new focus on the legal environment?

Brendan, without looking it up, I'm pretty sure riding too slow doesn't apply to cyclists. It's one of the many exceptions. And the fines for cyclists are different - and lower - than they are for drivers. Running a red light for a cyclist is only $25, for example.

Moving too slowly only applies to motor vehicles.

The fine for all cyclist infractions is $25.

Right, some violations relating to bike registration only carried a $5 fine, but that was all done away with.

Thanks. Good to know.

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