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My prayers for his family.

At least the reporting was good. It was described as a "homocide" along with a shooting in SE. They did not ask whether he was wearing a helmet, or blamed him for being their, or get into irrelevant discussions about how naughty bikers are.

There seems to be more bike injury/crash stats right now: is this true? Is it just a normal summer increase in biking?

There has been a little burst lately, but 3 deaths in two months is not that unheard of. We had four, for example, between 9/24 and 11/26 in 2008. And two of the three recent ones are really "pedestrian with bike" crashes more than a cyclist fatality.

But there has been one fatality between May 8-June 1 in each of the last 4 years.

Thanks for the information. Still, a bummer.


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