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Good to see him out enjoying the city. I wonder if he got lost like the ride organizers? What a weird experience.

A chase car with one of the organizers shouted to us that some jerk moved a bunch of signs the morning of the ride before it started. All in all, though, a very nice day. If they solidify the route and have a little more knowledgeable folks leading the rides next year, it'll be great.

One a side note, I was really disappointed in one of the riders in my group. At the first yellow light, he attempted to organize riders at the last second to run the red and simply take over the intersection. With no regard for the level of experience or desires of others in the group to have a nice leisurely ride, he singlehandedly split up the group. Later in the ride he swerved in and out of traffic attempting to block multiple lanes for our group. This simply was not necessary and at times made our ride too intense and dangerous. I hope I'm nowhere near him during the tweed ride this fall.

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