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Cantor is a tool for the national Republican Party. His district, which runs from Richmond in the Southeast to Page County (Luray) in the Northwest, is a "safe Republican" district, so he can continue to take stands like this even when it is not in the best interests of his constituents, so long as he continues to talk about fighting terrorists and blaming illegal immigrants.

My suggestion would be a leaflet campaign in Cantor's district talking about how he doesn't think of the children first. It's got lots of "dirty tricks" potential.

Elements of the GOP consider that the Fed Govt should have no role in education, at all. Not sure that Cantor is among them, and I doubt that he has declined any funding for his district.

Getting kids to school is not only about safety, but also about economics: if the streets are safe, more kids will walk or ride, and there is less need for buses and cars. Surely the GOP can get behind that.

SJE, in response to your first point, I know for a fact that there's at least one community in Cantor's district - Stanley, VA - that has taken Safe Routes to Schools money. I think they merely applied for it, and it wasn't an earmark, but still, these are communities that are hurting for funds and it's ridiculous for him to think that the local governments would cover it all.

Found this on a political action type website on this topic:


Another thing that's really got me irritated about this is the fact that childhood obesity is a huge problem in Mr. Cantor's congressional district, and encouraging biking and walking is one step to address that. Grrr!!

The federal government also funds a clean school bus program. Shouldn't that go too but Cantor's logic?

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