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I think you're right, washcycle. My hunch is that, at best, the increased fees will have zero net impact on revenue. There will just be higher fees for fewer utilized lockers and a LOT of cyclists annoyed with Metro. At worst, they'll lose $ on the change in price structure...

I think the fees are primarily to stop homeless from using them as storage units.

Ontarioroader: Where are the facts to back up that statement?

i recently (last week i think) received a renewal notice with the new fees. i canceled my rental.

in my case, this will lead to more inconvenience, but not more driving or less transit. i used to keep a bike at vienna metro to ride to george mason univ. instead, i'll take the slow and annoying shuttle or, when it's not rush hour, take my bike on the metro from dc.

if i could have used my transit benefits (which i never use up) to pay for my bike locker, i would have kept it.

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