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I used them during my commute this morning. Not bad except for one car that decided to pull over and stop blocking the lanes in both directions near near 14th St. I can see how pedestrians at night could be a problem, because there doesn't seem to be enough room for cyclists and peds in the intersections during the day.

I rode them the night before last, just as it was almost dark. i had only ridden them a few times before, and only during the day. the new striping seemed a lot straighter, which i liked, but at the intersections, riding over the cobblestone refuges definitely felt like i was riding where i wasn't supposed to be (tho i didnt encounter any pedestrians in the refuge).

the elimination of the turning lanes (for cyclists) in the new configuration also seems less than ideal -- there are indications to use the crosswalk for turns, but not a lot of space to pull over while waiting (even without pedestrians).

the bollards are great -- and i agree that they would have been a great addition to the previous design.

I've been using the lanes during the evening rush hour. Haven't used them at night yet.

I've posted before my dislike of the revised configuration.

I've yet to see the tortuous gridlock that AAA believes exists on Pa Ave. Every trip I've made down the avenue the traffic lanes have only light automobile traffic. And some of this time was when a lane was still blocked off.

I'm no expert on traffic in the city but I ride through downtown everyday at rush hour and it seems to me that the issue for drivers is more the north-south roads (especially leading to the VA bridges).

Every ride so far I encountered pedestrians / cyclists stopped in the median and blocking the imperceptible bike lanes.

Yesterday for the length of a full block I bore down on a pedestrian. Despite my unwavering approach he seemed completely unfazed. So I slowed down, checked over my shoulder, and moved into the traffic lane to pass. As I passed I asked how he liked the new bike lanes. "Greatest thing in the world" was his reply. I'm sure he had absolutely no clue he was standing dead center in the bike lane.

Washcycle is right that at night the chances of hitting someone will be much greater.

I've also have twice seen cars making illegal U-turns mid-block through the bike lanes. Boths times halting my progress. I think under the old configuration the wider median might have discouraged this.

Mandatory lights for pedestrians!

I really dont understand the new pylons. The biggest objection was the AMAZING sight lines that had to be maintained. Why couldnt they have painted it green in round 1 if they were willing to install these things?

I'm still confused by these bike lanes - several photos and plans all show them with left turn lanes, and center bike lanes to the left of left turn only lanes. Won't some motorists missing bicyclist approaching from behind if they are looking for oncoming traffic? Are left turning motorists (in either direction) required to yield to bicyclists going straight?

In short, yes. Drivers can only go left when they have the arrow, at which point cyclists can not go straight. So there should be no shared space issues, unless someone breaks the law. Luckily, drivers in DC always follow the law, unlike scofflaw cyclists.

In other words, the same signal situation found in areas with trains running in the median.

From my experience in Boston, twice a year someone turns left illegally and hits a train. Of course, this doesnt count how many people turn left illegally when no train is present.

In other words....be extra careful on your bikes at intersections guys!

maybe something like this is what is needed...

I think it is a brilliant idea and with a little redesign for bike tires I imagine it would work too. Even during the day time it would be especially useful in many places...

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