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Perhaps they thought that we would like some canoing as well.

We need to leave the paths flooded for the street bodyboarding commuters.

Ray LaHood "Canoing and waveskis should not be an afterthought in planning transportation infrastructure." At least the jet pack lobby is not inconvenienced.

Best part of this picture? I took it just a few hours before biking with everybody to see Ray Lahood and thank him for the biking and walking policy at DOT. It apparently has not trickled down to VDOT or the WWB people yet.

This is just shoddy construction, I think. It's poorly leveled with no clear path for drainage.

Just another one of those little things that makes you feel like you are a total afterthought to transportation planning and implementation.

They'll probably solve the problem by installing a drain, with wheel-swallowing parallel-to-path drain slots, of course.

Don't be so sure. It looks just like Canal Road between Reservoir and Arizona.

This also happened on the Anacostia Freeway at Eastern, but that was due to construction.

Whiteknuckled/Max: there is a drain at this spot. The problem is that said drain has been clogged with dirt/sand/crap ever since the blizzard. This by far isn't the first time this section of the trail has had standing water for a long time. It was also noted

An obstacle to cycling and a mosquito breeding ground all in one! Awesome. Now that's "multi-use"...

My earlier post got cut off (thanks to Wash's HTML settings, alas). Meant to note that water covering the trail at that location was also noted back in March:


Ah, Froggie, glad you're on it! It was the first time I had been down there and wasn't totally sure if I'd even be able to make it from Old Town to the doc's office there. Is it the surface of the drain that's covered, or has it silted up inside the drainage pipe, I wonder?

Good pics on the post too, btw.

The whole drain grate has been silted-over/clogged-up.

Once this rain lets up a little more, I plan on walking down to take another photo. I'd hazard a bet that we once again have an Active Transportation LAKE...

I've posted an update at my blog:


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