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Logic isn't Metro's strong point. Its all about procedure.

I've ridden the metro on July 4th several different times over the past few years, in the late am time frame, and all stops that are within or anywhere near the perimeter of The Mall were moderately crowded. 9am is a reasonable time to start the ban. If you wish to rail your bike, then wake your ass up early. The same ban should apply to baby strollers.

They may be "moderately crowded" near the mall, but why a system-wide ban? The system goes for more than 15 miles from the Mall.

On the Red line, for example, ban bikes beyond Union Station to Dupont. Riders would have to get out earlier, and can ride the rest of the way if they want to go to the Mall. By forcing those bikers to become pedestrians, you are forcing them to take Metro closer to the Mall, and thereby increase congestion in most crowded areas.

You can also ban bikes at the post fireworks rush, but there are plenty of people who want to just take in the other activities during the day.

Benway, by Metro's own admission the system isn't crowded until 6pm. That's when the ban should kick in. And if they're going to put in rush-hour restrictions, they should charge rush hour prices.

"Price" is metro's strongest point in my opinion.

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